Hericho is an open world third person shooter for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Wii U, and Super Gamer. It was developed by Megadream and published by Ubisoft. Hericho is a prequel to the game Hericho: Maxinum Security.

Hericho was announced in 2016 and released in 2017. The game got an ESRB rating M, for violence, blood and gore, language, and alcohol refrence.


In Hericho, the game is open world, where you explore the streets of the city. It's a shooter, and features multiple different weapons throughout the game. In Hericho, you can switch between a third person and first person perspective,


The game takes place 12 years before Maxinum Security, and tells the story of Vince Hudson before he was an expert cop.

Vince Hudson, a newly appointed police officer who recently left the police academy disobeys his bosses orders and go's deep into a case he wasn't supposed to.



  • Vince Hudson - An amateur cop that works for HCPD (Hericho City Police Department). 
  • Louis Derna - Vince's partner that helps him.
  • Sheriff Maxmillion Arniston - The sheriff of Hericho city.
  • Hiroshi Hericho - The builder of Hericho City and the leader of the Ociol gang before it became corrupted.


  • Den Ekirsz - The leader of the Hericho gang - a thief, murderer, and drug smuggler.
  • Josh "Pit Bull" Carter - A brute that works for the Ociol gang.
  • Dayota Serolu - The leader of the Serolu gang, Ociol's rival.

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