Heddo 2 is a more graphical and now an action-type of platformer and the sequal of Heddo. It is made by GameCom.


We see Heddo in his kitchen cooking dishes for customers, then when the rest of the supplies went missing he went of to find them, only to find that Fehc stole them! He went off to find new supplies before he gets fired!


Since it is an action platformer, it'll include combos, graphical effects and more speed. The graphics have been updated as well as the Boost feature, which allows Heddo to boost up by using a jetpack!


  • Start Game
    • Save Slots 1-99 (1 or more of them will close down due to memory used by another game.)
    • Continue without Saving
  • Options
  • Credits


  • Heddo - A dog chef who works at the Tokugawa Bar that opened up when Mr. Simon (full name: Jared Simon. Previously known as Mr. Bosu) bought the Toi Gold Mine.
  • Jared Simon - A bulldog boss that owns the Tokugawa Bar. If he finds out that supplies where stolen, he'll fire Heddo!
  • Jeiku - Heddo's cat best friend. He'll assist Heddo on his adventure to find more supplies.
  • Fehc - Heddo's evil twin brother. He's the one who stole the supplies.


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