Heddo (ヘッドmeaning Chef in Japanese) is an action-adventure platformer made by GameCom (now known as AccelGames).


In the world of anthropomorphic animals and feral, mythical ones Heddo is a chef working in the kitchen. One day they ran out of food! Mr. Simon orders Heddo for "more food supplies NOW!!" Heddo told him that he "might know some Legendary Foods around the world. Mr. Simon takes a long pause of thinking and told him he's "lucky that they close on Sundays", suggesting that he can fetch the Legendary Foods. After Heddo left the restaurant he began to have second thoughts about finding "Those" foods around the world, but one day Jeiku, Heddo's best friend since high school, invented a warping device that can take them anywhere in the world. And that's when Heddo gets an idea. And that's where the game begins!


As a platformer your goal is to find a Legendary Food under the time limit. As you progress you can unlock clothing, costumes, minigames, etc. by collecting "ingredients." The World Map is similar to Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Also similar to both of them you can use power-ups to your advantage!

Game Modes

  • Local Play
  • Online Play
  • VS Arena
  • Extras
  • Leaderboard
  • Options


  • Heddo
  • Jeiku
  • Mr. Simon
  • Fehc


  • This game is similar to The Fancy Pants Adventure.

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