Heaven Shell: Burning Trigger is a First-Person Shooter-Action RPG. The shooting aspect plays like classic-style FPSes like DOOM, Quake, or Duke Nukem 3D, opposed to modern FPSes like Call of Duty or Halo (Health Packs, Floaty Physics,Armor,etc.) Like many RPGs of the 90s, you get to name your character. You also get to choose between boy and girl. It uses cartoon-ish cell-shaded graphics. It also has comedic dialouge and chapter names, as well as the additional MAX perks.


The gods are having trouble keeping hellspawn out of the purgatory (Earth.) Your hero, a member of heaven's army, is called upon to control hellspawn population. She is armed with a Pistol.  She must kill the hellspawn. However, the hellspawn are relentless, and will stop at nothing. After arriving at Hell, Your hero finds out that the Hellspawn gods have called a war against Heaven and The Purgatory.


It plays much like DOOM, but with some Action RPG elements. This includes Gun Tiers, which only lets you get certain guns at certain levels, as well as having a more focused aim at certain levels. It requires much exploration, like The Legend of Zelda, and like Zelda, there are dungeons.


Tier 0 (Levels 0-2)

  • Pistol
  • Machine Gun
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Rifle

Tier 1 (Levels 3-7)

  • Sniper Rifle
  • Rocket Launcher Model 2
  • Golden Pistol (Replaces Pistol)
  • God Wand

Tier 2 (Levels 8-15)

  • Exero Machine
  • Rifle Model 2
  • Shotgun
  • God Wand Model 2
  • Golden Pistol Model 2
  • Tank-11

Tier 3 (Levels 16-25)

  • Tank-21
  • Sniper Rifle Model 2
  • Rifle Model 3
  • Exero Machine Model 2

Tier 4 (Levels 26-37)

  • God Wand Tweaked

Tier 5 (Levels 38-50)

  • Golden Pistol Model 3
  • Holy Sniper
  • Holy Rifle
  • Exero Machine Model 3
  • Crystal Tank
  • Arm Cannon
  • Exero Machine Double

Tier 6 (Levels 51-90)

  • Heaven's Intent
  • Crystal Tank Model 2
  • Double Arm Cannon

Tier 7 (Levels 91-199)

  • Heaven's Intent Model 2
  • Exero Machine Model 4

MAX Level (Level 200)

  • Heaven's Final Hope

Other perks that come with levels

Tier 3

  • More Focused Shooting

Tier 4

  • Hold 2 Guns at once

Tier 5

  • Maximum Focus

Tier 7

  • Faster Shooting
  • Inability to die by own explosions

MAX Level



  • Chapter 0: Using a gun
  • Chapter 1: Hell
  • Chapter 2: Deeper
  • Chapter 3: Evil Ascending
  • Chapter 4: Hell on Earth
  • Chapter 5: Humans VS. Satan
  • Chapter 6: The End of the World
  • Chapter 7: Death of the Human!?!?
  • Chapter 8: Evil Ascending..Again.
  • Chapter 9: Battling Demons.... IN SPACE!
  • Chapter 10: Hell in Heaven
  • Chapter 11: DEMONS MUST DIE!
  • Chapter 12: Killing Satan
  • Chapter 13: Get the HELL out of there!


The perk system is strictly reserved for Single Player and Co-Op. Instead, other modes are locked at a tier of the game organizer's choice, as long as it has been unlocked on Single Player.  All modes are availible online and offline.

The Multiplayer modes are:

  • Co-op
  • Fragmatch
  • Team Fragmatch
  • Survival
  • 1-On-1 Tournament
  • Capture The Flag
  • One Flag CTF
  • Guntag

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