Avalible on:

  • WiiU

Rating: E for Everyone


Harry (a yeti) and Zippy (a weasel) are walking aroung in the woods, when they discover a watch-like device. They tinker around with it for a while until it somewhat turns on. When it turned on, it transfered them to a weird base. Then, a pointy creature rushes in and tells the 2 that his 3 masters have been kidnapped. Harry and Zippy are then told that the watch-like device was used for time travel. So the 2 set of to save the world from the evil Zoler.

Playable Charcters

  • Harry
  • Zippy
  • Jeffery (Unlockable)
  • Flyer (Unlockable)

Power Ups

  • Candy Cane (gives them something to swing around with)
  • Blaster Horn (shoot giant blasts of noise that stun enimies)
  • Bone (Coin, used for purchasing stuff in shops)
  • Sonic Bomb (kills all enemies in range when thrown)
  • Disc Rock (can create 3 discs)
  • Life Orb (1-up)


1. Cambrian-Silurian

   Bosses: Anomilocaris, Nautloid, Pterygotus
   Levels: 8

2. Devonian

   Bosses: Hyneria, Dunkleosteus
   Levels: 7

3. Carborniferous

   Bosses: Arthropleura, Meganeura, Proterogyrinus
   Levels: 8

4. Permian

   Bosses: Dimetrodon, Inostancevia, Proterosuchus
   Levels: 8

5. Trassic

   Bosses: Mastodonsaurus, Postosuchus
   Levels: 8

6. Jurrasic

   Boss: Dilophosaurus, Ceratasaurus, Allosaurus
   Levels: 8

7. Cretaceous

   Boss: Quetzalcoatus, Deinosuchus, T-Rex
   Levels: 9

8. Paleogene-Eocene

   Boss: Gastornis, Ambulocetus, Andrewsarchus
   Levels: 8

9. Oligicene-Miocene

   Boss: Hyenadon, Eteledont, Beardog
   Levels: 8

10. Plilocene

   Boss: Deinotherium, Dinofelis, Terror Bird
   Levels: 8

11. Pleistocene-Holocene

   Boss: Smilodon, Short-Faced Bear, Cave Lion, Haast's Eagle
   Levels: 9

12. The Void

   Boss: The Zoler
   Levels: 7

The Bonus Bosses

  • Carchodontosaurus
  • Spinosaurus
  • Utahraptor
  • Triceratops
  • Megalenia
  • Marsupial Lion

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