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Half*Dead II is a 3D survival horror game published and developed by Orange Soft. It is the sequel to Half*Dead. Released for the Samsung Zeo as an exclusive title.


The game adds a new cover system that allows the player to hide from enemies as long as the player is standing on a wall. By pressing and holding the L button while facing a wall or barricade, the player can lean on the wall to hide frome enemies, while holding the R button while on a hiding stade would allow the player to pop up and shoot. Some weapons,such as the Sniper Rifle, specialize on this new feature.

Also added is a new dodge mechanism, which allows players to evade attacks from a zombie by tapping L slightly before the zombie attacks. Some attacks cannot be dodged.

A stamina system is also added, which keeps track of a player's running distance. If the player runs too much, he/she gets tired and slows down. Stamina can be replenished in two ways: by standing still or walking instead of running, or by using Energy Drinks, which fully replenishes stamina.


The game no longer includes exclusive weapons, and instead players start with a handgun as a default weapon.

Most of the weapons from the first game return, along with two new additions:

  • Grenade Launcher

A grenade launcher capable of short-ranged blasts. Medium

  • Sniper Rifle

An SSG sniper rifle that can take out enemies at a long range. Medium.

The number of melee weapons has also increased, with things such as spears, sledgehammers, crowbars and katanas


Nine years has passed since the Ardent City incident. By this time, Ardent City has retained its former glory as an industrial city. Kristoff Banks has been promoted as commander of the S.O.A.R. team. Meanwhile, Juno Hawkins quit the police in order to spend more time with her adopted daughter Amity. Former detective-turned-novelist Peter Crawford also moved in to Ardent City to write a book about the city's resurgence.

A day before Amity's 18th birthday, a disease similar to the M1 virus began to plague a small town nearby. The disese eventually reached Ardent City, causing another outbreak. During the outbreak, Amity discovers that Juno is missing, prompting her to search for her.

Peter, on the other hand, was thrust into the chaos after his wife and daughter were killed by the zombies. Along the way, the two meet into each other and decided to do a joint investigation regarding the disease's origins, as well as Juno's whereabouts.


  • Peter Crawford

A former detctive-turned-novelist searching for inspiration. His visit soon turns into a nightmare after zombies began to ravage the city. He is usually serious and strict, but holds a soft spot for his family. His default weapon is a .45 handgun from his detective days.

  • Amity Hawkins

One of the survivors from the first incident and Juno's adopted daughter. She searches for her missing  foster mother, as well as answers about the mysterious disease. Her default weapon is Juno's 9MM handgun, which she gave to Amity after retiring.

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