Guitar Hero: Metal Edition is one of the newer Guitar Hero installments to play up to a 6-man band, which has three guitar controllers, a drum set,

a new keytar controller, and a microphone. It is also developed by Vicarious Visions, after Neversoft shut down after developing their last game, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. It should be noted that all the songs on the game's setlist are entirely from different styles of metal bands, and a different song is played during the title screen and the mode menu.


  • Here Comes the Krakken: "Don't Fail Me Darko"
  • As I Lay Dying: "Parallels"
  • Killswitch Engage: "Rose of Sharyn"
  • Killswitch Engage: "The Arms of Sorrow"
  • Avenged Sevenfold: "Darkness Surrounding"
  • Dir En Grey: "Reiketsu Nariseba"
  • System of a Down: "Sugar"
  • System of a Down: "Vicinity of Obscenity"
  • System of a Down: "Innervision"
  • Sinai Beach: "To the Church"
  • Arsonists Get All the Girls: "The 42nd Ego"
  • Arsonists Get All the Girls: "Violence: Fluid in Triceratops"
  • Darkest Hour: "Demons"
  • Suicide Silence: "Genocide"
  • Suicide Silence: "Bludgeoned to Death"
  • Suicide Silence: "Unanswered"
  • Atreyu: "Lip Gloss and Black"
  • Pantera: "Cemetery Gates"
  • Pantera: "5 Minutes Alone"
  • Austrian Death Machine: "I Need your Clothes, your Boots, your Motorcycle"
  • Protest the Hero: "Bloodmeat"
  • Protest the Hero: "Heretics and Killers"
  • All that Remains: "Hold On"
  • Korn: "Oildale"
  • Korn: "Twisted Transistor"
  • Korn: "Freak on a Leash"
  • Korn: "Let the Guilt Go"
  • Limp Bizkit: "Shark Attack"
  • Dragonforce: "Heroes of our Time"
  • Mnemic: "Diesel Uterus"
  • Mnemic: "Meaningless"
  • Cannibal Corpse: "Evisceration Plague"
  • Bleeding Through: "Love Last in a Hail of Gunfire"
  • Cradle of Filth: "Honey and Sulphur"
  • Arch Enemy: "Enemy Within"
  • Arch Enemy: "Nemesis"
  • Arch Enemy: "We Will Rise"
  • Arch Enemy: "My Apocalypse"
  • Arch Enemy: "Blood on your Hands"
  • Arch Enemy: "The Great Darkness"
  • Job for a Cowboy: "Embedded"
  • Job for a Cowboy: "Entombment of a Machine"
  • Veil of Maya: "Mowgli"
  • Mudvayne: "The Hate in Me"
  • Aborted: "Pestiferous Subterfuge"
  • Dethklok: "The Gears"
  • Dethklok: "Go Forth and Die"
  • Metallica: "Cyanide"
  • Iron Maiden: "The Trooper"
  • Iron Maiden: "El Dorado"
  • Freya: "Suffer Not One"
  • HORSE The Band: "Murder"
  • Bullet for My Valentine: "Scream Aim Fire"
  • A Day to Remember: "2nd Sucks"
  • The Autumn Offering: "Born Dead"
  • A Different Breed of Killer: "I, Colossus"
  • Whitechapel: "Possession"
  • Whitechapel: "The Darkest Day of Man"
  • Trivium: "Thrones of Perdition"
  • Trivium: "Kirisute Gomen"
  • Raunchy: "The Bash"
  • Children of Bodom: "Blooddrunk"
  • Within the Ruins: "Red Flagged"
  • Within the Ruins: "Extinguisher"
  • Bring Me the Horizon: "Pray for Plagues"
  • Bring Me the Horizon: "It Never Ends"
  • Kylie Minogue: "Can't Get You Out of My Head"
  • Eagles: "Heartache Tonight"

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