Grand Theft Auto V : Back Again is a story dlc for free that Rockstar announced on December 2013. It is scheduled to be released in February 2014 .

SIZE-------------- More than 1GB .

New Features : Girlfriends You can find a girlfriend for Trevor, Michael And Franklin. New Cars : 2014 Cars Updated More Missions : Up to 200 new missions.. New Characters Bew Year : 2014 hits Los Santos .

Introduction : Just One Year after We finished our work, We got into deeeeeeep shiiiit man. Michael Retired , I didn't and Trevor Didn't . Trevor is now a fucking killer, He is super rich now. Michael is retired, He divorced to Amanda . And I am still as I was , I am still a fucking Gangstar. I found my dad, I realized My name Is Franklin Clinton Johnson . Franklin CJ . My dad's name Is Carl Johnson, CJ.... My uncle is called sweet. They were gangsters. When I got into deep shit, I asked them for help, Michael is back, Trevor Is Back, I am back,Sweet Is Back, CJ is back . We Are Back ! Welcome Back To Los Santos Guys. -Franklin In the introduction of GTA V Back Again.

Characters : Franklin Clinton / Protagonist Trevor Phillips / Protagonist Michael De Santa / Protagonist Carl Johnson / After 100% Completion .. he becomes a Protagonist . Lester / Minor Character Jimmy De Santa / Minor Character Lamar Davis / Minor Character Dave Norton/ Minor Character Niko Bellic / Minor Character and Protagonist after 100% Completion Jay C / Main Antagonist More to be confirmed.

Notable Missions : Bellic / In this mission, Lester tells Michael about the guy he mentioned to him before, And he confirmed he is in Prison, Niko Bellic Is the name, A Liberty City gangstar, Franklin Goes with Michael and Trevor , They break the prison and Free Niko . Slender ? / Children Are kidnapped, a tall guy, A Guy with no eyes . Trevor needs to kill Slender because he is violence more than him. Shit Always Happen / The 3 Main Protagonists finally have a chance to kill Jay C and his guards . Awards after 100% Completion : Niko Bellic as a protagonist. Carl "CJ" Johnson as a protagonist. Map gets bigger .

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