Grand Theft Auto Online: Revolution, (also referred to as GTAR or Revolution) is a 2014 Grand Theft Auto game and the second installment on the Grand Theft Auto Online series. Unlike Grand Theft Auto Online, Revolution is a stand alone game and does not require Grand Theft Auto V to work.


Revolution features very simillar gameplay from GTA V and GTA Online. Players can particiapte in an open-world and live their life the way they choose. Though open servers are avaliable, many players tend to play in closed area with friends or clans to keep the world balanced their way. Opon creating a new world, players will have the oppurtunity to turn Destruction Forge (DF) on or off. If DF is turned on, players can then destroy and build the world as they choose. When DF is on, the world creator can also set a reload time for the world so any destruction made after a certain period of time will reset.


Players can choose to participate in the following activites.

  • Bank Hiest- Rob a bank safe and bring it back to the Homefront (Safe House).
  • Gang Opperation- Take on a rival gang for rewards.
  • Intercepter- Play as the local Law Enforcement and track down gangs.
  • Circuit Race- Take it to the Land Port International Speedway and race cars.
  • Steet Race- Take it to the streets and race cars.
  • Biking- Particiapte in bike races.
  • Golf- Play a full or half course rounds of golf.
  • Baseball- Play three, six, or nine innings of America's Past Time.
  • Football- Play one or two quaters on the gridarien.
  • Hockey- Play a shootout round on the game on ice.
  • Tennis- Play three rounds on the court
  • Indoor Basketball- Heading to the gym will allow you to play regular basketball rules.
  • Street Baketball- Same as indoor. Just no rules!
  • Poker- Are you all in?

Setting & Locations

Revolution takes place in the ficional setting of Land Port. This large island features many things to do but is currently being overun with crime. Your goal is to either take out all of the gags or join them yourself and take control of the city. Here are some of the notable locations of Land Port along with the number of them.

  • Your Gang's Homefront (1-5)
  • Land Port International Speedway (1)
  • America United Stadium (1)
  • Hall of Fame Field (1)
  • CRunch Gym (6)
  • America United Bank (15)
  • Land Port City Hall (1)

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