Available on:

  • Wii
  • WiiU
  • 3DS

Rating: E for Everyone


One day, a  hampster named Goodies is at a yard sale when he and his friend Hunter Stripe (a tiger) by a nice carpet. When they get home, they discover that the carpet can fly! They soon hear that the Earth is being taken over by a robot civilization. They soon set off to save the world!

Playable Characters

  • Goodies
  • Hunter Stripe

Items, Power Ups

  • Magic Carpet (Gives them the ability to fly)
  • Blueberry (Extra life)
  • Smily Face (Coin, used for purchasing stuff in shops)
  • Elephant Cart (An elephant comes out of it, can ride elephant)
  • Freeze Gun (gives the ability to freeze things)
  • Fire Bomb (explodes in flames when thrown)
  • Power Atom (gives temporary immunity)


1. Mega Rock Garden

  • Boss: Giant Snapping Turtle
  • Levels: 6
  • Power Up Stations: 2

2. Ice Cap Mountians

  • Boss: Mutant Narwhal
  • Levels: 6
  • Power Up Stations: 2

3. Lava Plains

  • Boss: Lava Monster
  • Levels: 6
  • Power Up Stations: 1

4. Coral Reef

  • Boss: Giant Moral Eel
  • Levels: 7
  • Power Up Stations: 2

5. Jungle Cliffs

  • Boss: Mutant Gorilla
  • Levels: 7
  • Power Up Stations: 2

6. Mud Valley

  • Boss: Mud Glob
  • Levels: 7
  • Power Up Stations: 1

7. Robot City

  • Boss: Robot King
  • Levels: 8
  • Power Up Stations: 2

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