Gomorthos is the proposed antagonist for The Element Chronicles, an idea similar to The Legend of Zelda, but with greater diversity in customization as well as in weapons. (This game has recently been commented on by Ouroburos and GeniusGuy). He is a highly treacherous, highly underhanded politician of a sort, who has always been the leader of a city dominated by warrior gangs, indicating that he is highly willing to provide power to anyone willing to give him a prize in exchange.

Gomorthos was once a great general, leading legions of goblins on behalf of the King of Verithas (which is a portion of the world on which The Element Chronicles takes place.) Although he was rewarded well for his victories, Gomorthos didn't see it as being enough, having a despicable desire for attention, praise, and authority. He resigned from the Grand Guard of Verithas and disappeared, not being seen until his talks with the god watching over the world.

For part of his time, Gomorthos has been commanding the forces released upon the world by the god, but secretly planning to steal the much-fabled Metakhronos (meta "divine, beyond planets" and khronos "time") sword, a weapon crafted by the Elder divinities which existed at the beginning of the universe which the current gods are bound to protect. He plans to use this weapon to maintain control of the world and prevent the gods from imposing guidelines on him, thereby achieving the highest prize he could ever know and avenging his "deprivation" by the royalty of Verithas.


Being the successful general that he once was, Gomorthos has developed a special skill with the broadsword since he was young. He has also developed great strength, and has an attendant speed and agility that you wouldn't expect, which often gives him an edge in a fight. He is also a skilled commander, which is what makes him such a potent threat with the horrendous monsters from the mind of the god in his hands. It also makes things more challenging for the player, adding to the game's desirability and adventurous theme.

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