The Glock R26 is a common handgun featured in Downfall.

Design Details

The R26 sidearm is a semi-automatic, recoil-operated, magazine-fed, low caliber handgun. It is a later model of the Glock series pistols that was distributed to police officers widely across the Central States. The weapon has a polymer handle, along with a titanium alloy body and what appears to be a nickel-plate finish. The sidearm fires the .40 S&W rounds from 15-round magazines

In Game Details


The Glock R26 is the most common handgun found in the game but the ammunition for it is rare. It is found in most Police Stations, the most being the New York Police Station and around the city. It is rarely found in Police Cruisers.


The Glock R26 has moderate damage and recoil, a decent sized magazine and a decent rate of fire. It should be used in close-range engagements because of it's low effective range, it's a great back-up weapon for when all else fails. A suppressor if found for the Glock R26 makes it an effective stealth weapon due to it's already low sound when firing.


  • Scope Mount Tactcial Rail
  • Ghost Ring Sights
  • Trugolo Night Sights
  • STS DeltaPoint Police Issue
  • .40 Cal Extended Magazine
  • TRL-3 Tactical Illuminator
  • LaserMax HD
  • Evolution 40 Suppresor

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