Fenceposts Across the Universe
Giga Titans X is an adventure style game. You can choose between five characters to play as: Max, Jason, Mary, Joe, and Mimi. Each go on different paths and explore different places, and at the end of every level there is a boss called a titan - which is a monster that you can take control of if you defeat it. You can use something called Gigaras that makes a titan more powerful. Here is the other stuff:

Max takes his path to a planet called Kuita. Kuita has forest-like things there, except for the fact that trees are on fire. The titan here is an Axe Troll.

Jason takes his path to a planet called Greia. It has endless oceans and seas, and also many caverns. The titan here is an Armored Centaur.

Mary takes her path to Bastuin. This planet is filled with snowy mountains. The titan here is a Snow Dragon.

Joe's path is to the planet Fergio. Fergio is very hot with desert like appearances and caves. The titan here is a Minotaur.

Mimi takes her path along the planet Histarer. Histarer is a planet with lush green fields. The titan here is Chimera.

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