Is about 10 different characters racing in their karts for fun at the Game Ideas Wiki. There is a Grand Prix and a Free for All mode.There are 8 cups to win in the grand prix. It includes most of the newest and most common users of the Game Ideas Wiki.

Character Roster

  • Gibie Dude: Default Kart:
  • Tommypezmaster: Default Kart:
  • Arising: Default Kart:
  • Boneyblood205: Default Kart:
  • Greenpaw 100: Default Kart:
  • Epic Saga Fan 2012: Default Kart:
  • Sammyfun1: Default Kart:
  • Beecanoe: Unlockable Kart:
  • Ouroburos: Unlockable Kart:
  • Genius Guy 445: Unlockable Kart:
  • Al129023: Unlockable Kart:
  • Mr.Wii00: Unlockable Kart
  • Element Knight 375: Unlockable Kart
  • ETG(Ethanthegamer): Unlockable, Kart:


There are several different cups to race in. Here They are.

Mario Cup

  • Peach's Birthday Cake (Mario Party 1 Board)
  • Bowser's Castle
  • Desert Hills
  • Dimble Woods
  • Comet Observatory

The Legend of Zelda Cup

  • Hyrule Field
  • Hyrule Castle
  • Tail Cave
  • Lanyru Desert

Kirby Cup

  • Whispy's Forest
  • King Dededee's Castle
  • Cookie Country
  • Fountain of Dreams

Sonic Cup

  • Empire City
  • Eggmanland
  • Sonic's Racing Speedway
  • Green Hill Zone
  • Casino Night Zone