Welcome one and all to the Game Ideas Wiki! If you represent a business, or wish to see the professional side of the wiki, this is the page to be.

About us

Short and sweet, we are a group of individuals all over the world who work together and post ideas for video games that we wish to see in the world. We are a diverse group, and have many different levels in writing, art work, communication and enthusiasm for this topic. And individual can join this wiki, and add their own ideas to our collection.

More background on us can be found on Game Ideas Wiki:Community.


Our leader is Geniusguy445. Both contribute to the direction of the wiki. He has done much of the theme and interface design, in code and art. If you wish to network with us, talk to one of those two.

He has also put together a gallery of the best works on this wikia, as well as a gallery of his best works.


Affiliations, spin-off wikias, and more are listed here. If you wish to add your wiki, add a message to the talk page or the Questions and Answers board.

Game Ideas Wiki in other languages

Flag Logo Name Language Date founded Number of articles Notable user(s) As of
Flag of the Philippines WGI new wordmark Wiki ng Game Ideas Tagalog January 9, 2015 23 AStranger195 September 15, 2015
Flag of Spain Example Wikia Game Ideas Español May 31, 2015 5 SonikkuAensland September 15, 2015
Flag of Russia Example Game Ideas Вики Pусский July 30, 2015 8 Maelstro0210
September 15, 2015

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