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Game Idea Racing
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Quick Info

Developer(s) BlueSaga
Publisher(s) BlueSaga
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Game Idea Racing is a game idea created by BlueSaga.


Fire Emblem Dawn Of Flames

  • Katey
  • Curin
  • Lars

Far Cry 4

  • Rico
  • Leah

The Hero

  • Felix

Ice Climbers 3DS

  • Laura
  • Toro

Metal Slug 8

  • Ralf

The Red Knight

  • Pink Princess
  • The Red Knight

Combat Park

  • Alejandro

Glowthos The Great

  • Glowthos

Pokemon Neon

  • Clefynx
  • Jyng

Idea Fantasy

  • Jacob

Blue Saga

  • Shadow
  • Becky

Final Fantasy Fables: Grimiore

  • Toby
  • Jammie


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  • Fire - sets fire to the one ahead of you
  • Blizzard - freezes the person in front of you
  • Sword Slash - cuts people in a radius
  • Light - Blinds those ahead of you

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