FANDOM is for gamers all around who love to compete and play with other great gamers. It can also help you win things that you never thought you might have. It is a fake website. (Like the games on this website.) It was created for all the games on this website. If you were to buy these games then you could use wifi connections to play with people around the world. This would help you to get better and you would have alot of fun. By now you are probably wondering where the prizes come in. Well I'll explian it. When you win against someone in wifi then you get a certain amount of virtual game coins. This is a big reward for winning huge, worldwide competitions online. You can use your coins to redeem the prizes you want online. Of course if you are one of those people who have trouble winning sometimes. You can always drop by a local game store and pick up a few points. The more you win. The more player points you get. Your player points are points that show how good you are. So if you play and win often, then you will be recognized by other gamers everywhere on the website

If you think you have good idea for this website then please post what you think in the comments. I will try to make changes as soon as possbile. I may not use everyones ideas.

Thank you.

Gibie Dude.

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