GameCasters: Gaming Experience 2013 Summer Tour was the first GameCasters: Gaming Experience show ever held. It featured various game announcements and tournaments. The show began on June 25, 2013 and concluded on August 12, 2013.

Pre Show

The Pre Show began with the Pre-Show Trailer which showcased some of the games that would be announced without giving the title to keep some suspence. After the video concluded, a quick behind-the-scenes video showed how the Expo came to be. The show then began a few minutes after the video concluded.

Main Event

The Main Event was where new games were announced and more information on upcoming games was given to the public. The "Game Show" segment as it was called, ran from 10:00 AM EST - 7:00 PM EST with various breaks throughout. From 7:00 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST, the "GameCasters Gaming Tournament" was featured. Here, various games competed agianst each other for prizes in various games.

Game Announcements

Post Show

The Post Show featured a full warp-up of the highlights from the entire show including game announcements and tournament results. At the end, a Teaser Trailer for The Elder Scrolls: Fallout appeared. It was then reveled that there would be a second Expo that will start on December 20, 2013 and run through December 31, 2013.

Game Teases

The Elder Scrolls: Fallout

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