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GIVE (GameCom's International Virtual Education) Academy is an education-themed game made by AccelGames.


As a virtual education, it allows you to experience through the academy learning, playing minigames, etc. It's actually a very great game!

This game includes Clubs that you can join to help you increase your academy year experience, for example: Sandwich Club, Fair Club, World Hunger Ending Club, even the Club Club!

Interesting facts are also explained in this game, for example: This game tells you about PlayBoy, PlayBoy Mansion, human bodies, etc.

List of Classes

  • Language Arts
  • Reading
  • Math
  • Science
  • Health & Physical
  • Music
  • Special Ed #1 (for Disability People)
  • Special Ed #2 (for "Special" People)
  • World History
  • Sex Ed #1 (Learning)
  • Sex Ed #2 (Physical)
  • Karate
  • Cooking
  • Computer Lab
  • Library
  • Weapons Training

[more coming soon (or you could just add more "Classes" here if you want)]

Game Modes

  • Start Class
    • New Year
      • Freshman
      • Novice
      • Senior
    • Time To Go!
  • Options


  • Ouroboros - Roll: Principal ("Mr. Principal Ouro's the name, Suplexing trains is his game")
  • Genius Guy - Roll: Vice Principal ("This Shy Guy likes to lecture about the wonders of his own race and others")
  • Beecanoe - Roll: Assistant Vice Principal ("He does his job right as an AVP, but nearly acts akin to a delinquent")
  • E.T.G. - Roll: Assistant Vice Principal ("He thinks all RPG titles are superior to any other gaming genre")
  • Kaminari - Roll: Language Arts
  • Morris Jade - Roll: Reading
  • Thomas Jade - Roll: Math
  • Greg James - Roll: Science
  • Odin - Roll: Health & Physical
  • Jeiku - Roll: Music
  • Yun - Roll: Special Ed
  • Yuri - Roll: Special Ed #2
  • Buddha - Roll: World History
  • Jake - Roll: Sex Ed - Mental
  • Pre-generated animal character - Roll: Sex Ed - Physical
  • Shindo - Roll: Karate
  • Heddo - Roll: Cooking
  • Zio - Roll: Computer Lab
  • Mr. Bosu - Roll: Library
  • Shrikes - Roll: Weapons Training


  • PC
  • GigaCom


  • Greg James actually says his real name in this game!
  • Physical Sex Ed was re-programmed to exclude adult content in the GigaCom version.

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