Foursome Adventure is a game featuring characters from Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Megaman/Megaman Zero/Megaman X, and the Zagodah Series (mine, if I become a game designer)


Character Special Move Team Status
Mario Star Mario Hero Default
Sonic Super Sonic Hero Default
Megaman Super Rush Adapter Hero Default
Snickard Warrior Form Hero Default
Luigi Rainbow Luigi Sidekick Default
Tails Tornado Plane Sidekick Default
Proto Man Big Bang Strike Sidekick Default



Sidekick Default
Bowser Giant Bowser Villain Default
Dr. Eggman Egg Emporer Villain Default
Dr. Wily Robot Master Fury Villain Default
Lord Arachnatis Aura Beam Villain Default
Yoshi Super Dragon Ally Unlockable
Knuckles Master Emerald Power Ally Unlockable
Zero Ultimate Form Ally Unlockable
Bend Gargantuan Bend Ally Unlockable
Donkey Kong Concrete DK Friend Unlockable
Silver Super Silver Friend Unlockable
Axl Action Trigger Friend Unlockable
Brainman Dark Matrix Form Friend Unlockable
Wario Wario-Man Rival Unlockable
Shadow Super Shadow Rival Unlockable
Bass Upgraded Bass Rival Unlockable
Shaddard Rogue Shaddard Rival Unlockable

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