Queen Flora is the guard of a very special treasure. She is protecting three crystal Spheres that represent emotions. Hate, Sorrow, Greed, Shame, and Fear. If these spheres were to shatter, the country would suffer these feelings and terror would rule. Queen Flora is kidnapped by Seth, a dark sorceror. He threatens to end her life unless she tells of the hiding spot of the emotion spheres. She refuses to tell but one of the Dark Sorcerors minions finds the stash. The Queen is kiddnapped and the spheres are taken.

A man who has a great crush on Flora, Simon, visits the castle just to watch The Queen get captured. He finds a wooden sword and shield and tries to rescue his love.


Dark Sorcerer - The supposedly dead king in disguise. He kidnaps Queen Flora, taking her to a lava pit to throw her in. He was overwhelmed with evil by stones in the forest, thought to be a legend.

Queen Flora - Queen Flora is a very cute and cunning queen. She cares not for her life but for the kingdom's citizens. She protects the spheres only for her people. 

Simon Tod - A man who has a great love for Flora. He finds her being kidnapped and tries to rescue her. He wonders the forest for the sorcerer's hideout.

Linus Miky - Linus is another man with a love interest in Flora. He is a unlockable secondary character for Simon. He is his Rival and tries to rescue the queen before him.

Obtained items and Weapons

Crystal of Wisdom - Allows use of ability, Psyche Wave

Crystal of Good - Allows you to break through dark objects

Holy Crystal - Allows use of ability, Holy light

Stone Sword

Iron Sword

Crystal Sword

Shock Sword

Frost Sword

Diamond Sword

Holy Sword - Can slash through shadows

Stone Shield

Iron Shield

Golden Shield

Crystal Shield

Diamond Shield

Holy Shield - Can reflect dark attacks like a mirror

Leather Armor

Wooden Armor

Stone Armor

Iron Armor

Golden Armor

Crystal Armor

Diamond Armor

Holy Armor - Glows a light that reduces damage from dark attacks


Shadow - Begining Enemy

Shadow Wolf - Much faster

Zombie - Absorb HP

Evil Knight - Use strong attacks

Minion - Cast spells


Regular: Flora is saved but the sorcerer still has the spheres. A holy light then shines on Simon and he jabs the holy sword into the sorcerer once and he turns to stone and the sorcerer's statue drops the spheres. Flora and Simon manage to save them from falling into the lava pit and they each grab unto one at the same time. Simon and Flora start to glow and their light disolves the spheres.

Special (Beat the sorcerer with Linus) : Linus slashes the sorcerer into the lava and he disintegrates. He then catches the spheres and leaves the area with a smirk, forgetting about the queen. Simon then comes in and notices the sorcerer is gone. He saves the queen, confused until she told him what had happened.

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