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Gunman - use guns powered with magic. (New Mage)

  • Fire Gunmen -use nature spell magic
  • Light Gunmen - usr light magic
  • Shadow Gunman - use dark magic

Bard - (new dancer)

  • Bass - bard attack
  • Recorder - gives target another turn
  • Mini harp - heals target

Commando - use swords powered with electricity

Medic - acts as a priest

  • Uses srynge to heal
  • Uses knife as a weapon

Thief - use swords and guns (Ranger)

Dragon Knight - travel further and use swords and lances

Class Upgrades

Multi Marksman - can use any gun

Performer - Allows use of guitar (skips enemy's turn)

Chief - allows electric powered lances

Sage - allows medic to use guns

Gambler - adds great increase in Luck and Accuracy

Dragon Guard - Allows use of guns


PT 1

You- Body Guard - Tactcian

Karen - President's body guard #2 - Commando

Riku - Body Guard #3 - Fire Gunman

Amy - Traveling Doctor - Medic

Mark - Tour Guide - Bard

Mike - Performer - Bard

Roya - Actor - Thief

Geoff - Artist - Light  Gunman

Eddie - Adventurer - Shadow Gunman

Terra - Priest - Medic

Erik - Prince - Commando

PT 2

Ariel - Princess - Commando

Nathan - Plane Captain - Fire Gunman

Sira - Queen - Medic

Miles - Vendor - Thief

Timmy -Hotel Owner - Dragon Knight

Tammy -Hotel Co-Owner - Dragon Guard

(characters from part 1 join)


Army (Markman/ Gunman, Medic, Theif)

Gang (Gunman, Medic, Thief)

Robbers (Thief, Bard)

Pollice (every)


PT 1

Axis - Army Captain - Commando

Moxi - Army Captain #2 - Shadow Gunman

Kiro - Gang Leader - Commando

Devon - Army Elite - Fire Gunman

Oscar - Robber Boss - Bard

Mike - Army Captain #3 - Fire Sage

Asher - Gang Elite - Performer

Sarah - Robber Leader - Multi Marksman

Derrick - Officer Leader - Dragon Guard


Lexus - Robber Boss - Thief

Red - Pres. Guard - Fire Gunman

Snake - Pres. Guard # 2 - Shadow Gunman

Dayton - Officer Elite - Dragon Knight

Luthor - Robber Elite - Gambler

Atom - Gang Elite - Multi Marksman

Derrick - Chief of Police - Dragon Guard

Chief Davis - Chief

Easter Eggs

You can fight a ghost of Lyn, Kent, Sain, and Lucious if you beat the game without losing a character.

If you defeat three bosses without taking out any of his men, you fight the ghosts of Marth, Abel, and Borde

If you beat all the enemies in a stage only using Medics ana Bards/performers, you will unlock the ghost of Moulder as a character

if you beat a stage only using gamblers, you unlock Ike

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