Finn the human


This young 12-year-old (later 13) boy goes on many different adventures with his best friend Jake the Dog. He lives in the Land of Ooo. He and Jake live together and protect Ooo from evil such as the Ice King, who has a lust for beautiful women. Finn is best known from the hit TV series Adventure Time with Finn & Jake (commonly shortened as Adventure Time) on Cartoon Network.

This character is also featured in: Telltale Karts


  • Finn has had two different voice actors: Zack Shada for the pilot episode, and Jeremy Shada for the rest of the entire series.
  • Under Finn's 'awesome' hat is long, blonde hair, which is cut off in the episode "To Cut a Woman's Hair". The hair changed three other times in the series, thus far.
  • In the pilot, Finn's name was originally Pen, which is also the shortened name of the creator of Adventure Time (Pendleton Ward).

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