Daisy - If her golf putter hits you, it is a 1-hit KO

Baby Mario & Luigi - They kick res turtle shells all over the stage

Professor Layton & Flora - A puzzle question appears on the screen and the stage is given two answers. Whoever gets it wrong takes a lot of damage.

Pauline - Barrels roll all over the screen

Waluigi - He gets the ability to stomp into the ground and attack with his racket

Shy Guy Snifit - fireballs are launched around the screen.

Bowser Jr. - He Goombas and Koopa Troopas spawn all over the stage

Brendon - Tri Attack; Mudkip, Comusken, and Grovyle use Hydro Cannon, BlastBurn, and Solar Beam

Dixxie Kong - Same as Diddy

Classic Link - same as link

Toon Zelda - Same as Zelda/Sheik

Waddle Dee - Same as King Dedede

Peppy - He uses his ship and can fly, shoot, and barrel roll

HitmonLee - He hits whoever is in his line of sight and repeatedly kicks them

Jynx - Everyone else gets confused and the controls are mized up.

Clefariry - Everyone else falls asleep and clefairy's damage does 2X more

Misty - Same as Pokemon Trainer W/ water

Lyn - 2X hits; every button does 2x more damage and she does an extra attack after

Cooking Mama - Same as Kirby

Little Mac - He does a punching combo, moving in a straight line, then he performs a very strong uppercut.

Villager - Everyone is turned into a flower and will be KO'D in one hit

Amigo - Everyone starts dancing and cant move

White Bomber - He makes a giant time bomb that blows up at a random interval each time

Galuf - He makes a giant meteor smash into the stage

Sim - He/She starts a fire that will keep you in place if you land in it and it causes burning damage

Sora - He starts blasting random spells with his Keyblade

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