This is disc one of Final Fantasy XVI (16).


MC = main character


MC A is an unpopular theif. One day, he attempts to steal the queen's crown, but is caught by guards and sent to jail. He is awaiting execution from the queen, but one night while he sleeps, the princess (MC B), in disquise, frees him, thinking the punishment is much to harsh. The princess is spotted by the guard and the guard gives chase. The princess is tackled and the guard is about to take off her hood, when the theif releases his hands from the handcuffs using his knife as a pick,and puts them on the guard. He then throws the guard into a cell and uses his knife to lock him in. They escape the prison and the princess takes off her hood. She is then seen by the queen with the theif and is exiled.


MC C is a child that was born into labor of the royalty. Her mother died and she was forced to take her mother's place in the kitchen. A old geiser in the kitchen sneaks poison into the King's food and it is served to him. The king notices the odd coloring of the food and plays nice. He calls a guard to taste for 'being reliable'. The guard instantly faints after the first bite and the old geiser blames the new child for the poison. She is exiled from the castle and is homeless in the streets of the city. A guard (MC D) sneaks out the castle, beleiving the child was not responsible for the poison. The guard 'adopts' the child and leaves the town with her, looking for a much fairer kingdom.


MC E is a summoner that uses her abilities to help townsfolk and entertain. She is urged by one of her mentors to adventure the wilds to learn more of her abilities and unlock her true potential. Another tells her to stay and learn from study. So the mentors would not fight, they had an idea to test her against a creature that uses magic. She fails miserably and the mentors eventually agreed that she must leave the city.


The young chef and guard are leaving the city when they see the princess and theif in handcuffs, being escorted out by a group of the Queen's men. The chef falls in love with the theif and walks up to him once the men leave. The chef asks lots of questions to the theif until she asks to follow him. The princess agreed without the theif's word, feeling sad for the orphan. The guard is shunned but follows for the sake of the orphan. The summoner see's the small group and assumes that they are travelers. She asks for their help in fullfilling her quest and them having nowhere to go decided to help.


They arrive at the city of Lisle at a horrible time. A hooded wizard is causing chaos and the Princess and Summoner persuade the others to help defeat him. When the wizard is defeated, he explodes and oil is squirted everywhere. The head of the machine lands in front of the Chef and their is something inscripted on it. "Erk Industrial". The kingdom had created this machine and sent it to Lisle.


Characters dont have preset stats, the way they fight in battle determines the way the level. For example, if they use a lot of mp, their mp and magic power raise; If they defend a lot, they gain hp and defence; if they fight with bows, their accuracy raises.

Erik - A straight forward, half empty guy

Lily - A light-hearted girl

Maul - An optimistic, histerical young girl

Roy - A determined gentleman

Sophia - A open-minded teenager

Erk - A mysterious villian

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