Final Fantasy XIV Remastered (also known as Final Fantasy XIV - Version 2/Ver. 2) is a remade version of Final Fantasy XIV (soon to be known as Final Fantasy XIV - Version 1/Ver. 1).

Versions 1 & 2 Differs

  • All the Jobs have been replaced by common ones, though few-many still intact their appearance while other few/some had their appearances changed (Ex.: Lancer > Dragoon = Armor added).
  • The Affinity value has been removed.
  • Voice acting outside and in the cutscenes.
  • More cutscenes have been added.
  • Shantotto makes an appearance in the game still retaining her role.
  • The Voice Chat returns as an option.
  • More Jobs have been added to expand the enviormental ecperience.
  • More Guild Marks has been added.
  • The Action Gauge and its Bar has been removed.
  • The game now has the option to let players play in large-small Parties, or fly solo.
  • The game also celebrates Square Enix, Final Fantasy, and other medias', who are related to Square Enix at the least, birthdays. For example, if it is Square Enix's birthday, every player gets (a) Trailer(s) added to their Theater, which is also added for this game, they also get Chocobo, Mog, and any other character themed Clothing! The players gets to experience all of this as long as they're connected online.
  • The Offline Mode has been added for players who can't connect online.
  • The PlayOnline service has been added for those who are new to both the MMO(RPG) experience and the game itself. They can also list the players (or Friends) who are online, send a Friend-only status and announcement and announce promotional codes to unlock new weapons, armor, and more (Premium Membership only).
  • New Guilds has been added, along with more Guildleves.
  • Minigames like Chocobo Racing and Moomba Dash!! (similar to Sonic Labyrinth, known as Moomba Puzzle, overseas) has been added to add fun and new ways to earn prizes.
  • The Party Search has been turned to the PlayOnline service.
  • Anima points are now long nesessary for teleporting from place to place with Aetheryte (which more are added), though Aetheryths must be unlocked by certain requirements.
  • Battle Regimen has been changed to Chainbreak (Chain Finisher in the Japanese version).
  • More Spells are added, with more Battle Regimen (Chainbreak/Chain Finisher) possibilities added, too.
  • ...and much more.

Premium Membership Plan

The Premium Membership Plan has been introduced in the Final Fantasy XIV Remastered experience to replace the monthly paying which is bogus to the players. It allows the players to have online advantage including Executive Houses, Executive Rooms, exclusive weapon, armory, spells, and more. The list are Plans of Premium Membership:

  • Free Trial Premium Membership - Free, 1 Month
  • 1-year Premium Membership - $19.99, 12 Months
  • 2-year Premium Membership - $34.99, 24 Months
  • Lifetime Premium Membership - $49.99, All the time


  • PC
  • PlayStation 3
  • Wii U
  • Xbox 360


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