Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (ファイナルファンタジーVII再誕Fainarufantajī VII saitanjō) is the sequal of the Final Fantasy VII series setting place 498 years ago.


Setting place 498 (500 in the Japanese version) years ago, we find a mysterious girl, that familiarly looks like Aerith/Aeris, praying at the old Midgar, which was seen in Final Fantasy VII's very ending, the girl then walks away as the camera zoom out of the city, then the game's logo comes up. The next scene, Nanaki a.k.a. Red XIII and his cubs appear. Then in another scene, a boy named Kloud and his friend, Barbie (not that girly doll fantasy!), are climbing to the top of the mountain where they found foster children playing innocent Soccer and laughing (which was heard at the very ending of FFVII). From there, they continue onto the top of the mountain and found a cave entrance. They go inside and found a Buster Sword and a Gatling Gun. Then enemies start to appear and that's where the Battle Tutorial starts.


The same as Final Fantasy VII, but with improved graphics, updated Battle Menus and other Menus, HD-enabled feature, and more.


Title Screen

  • New Game
  • Continue
  • Options

Main Menu

  • Items
  • White Magic
  • Materia
  • Equipment
  • Status
  • Formation
  • Limit
  • Config
  • Switch/PHS
  • PlayOnline

Save Station

  • Save
  • Shop
  • Upgrade
  • Pass Account
  • Cancel


  • Kloud
  • Barbie
  • Nanaki (Starts out strong then dies a quarterway through the game, his stuff, including Materia, are then removed)
  • Nanaki's cubs (NPCs)
  • Mysterious Girl


  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation Vita


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