The Final Fantasy VII Dirge Cerberus HD Remaster is an upcoming remastered complication of Final fantasy

FF VII DC HD Remaster

Final Fantasy VII Dirge Cerberus HD Remaster

VII Dirge Cerberus and Final Fantasy VII Dirge Cerberus Lost Episode for Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita. With frame with High Quality and more New Element System.

Overall Change

  • Video Ouput Supported 480p, 780p, 1080i and 1080p
  • Audio Ouput Supported Dolby Digital 5.1 sound and DTS Digital Surround 5.1.
  • 30 music Track has been Arrangment
  • Throphies Support
  • Wide screen 16:9
  • Character Model has been Update (also Other Major, Monster and Minor Character Has been Update)
  • Texture Model Has been Update
  • The Game Contain Improved Maps & Texture as Well Improved Lighting, Shadowing and Enchead Pre-render Movies with Better Quality in High Definition. Included Update Character Model For Genesis (Like Hair, Body And Rear) From Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.
  • Both Game Will Get Improved Voice Audio  
  • Some Scene have been adjusted with Diffrent Camera angles to Accommodate
  • New Dynamic PS3 and PS Vita
  • Supported Via Dolby True HD 5.1
  • Easy Mode, Hard Mode Has been Added Also Super Hard Mode Was Replaced With Critical Mode
  • Multiplayer Mode Has Been Added But it Will Be Diffrent  and Will Called "Soul Of Cerberus" Added For DLC
  • New Two Battle System ​​
    • Gun & Riffle Magic 
    • Sword Combat attack  
    • Cinematic Attack
  • New Improvement Secret Ending.
  • New Episode From FF VII Dirge Cerberus The Lost episode
  • Multiplayer Mode Has Been Added But it Will Be Diffrent and Will Called "Soul Of Cerberus" Added For DLC
  • As the HD Remasters will be of the games american Version Such As :
    • American Version
      • ​'The Aiming Perspective has been Shifted From an Over the shoulder view 'To One Behind Vincent For Easier Navigation Of the Surrounding
      • Weapon Can Be Customized to be Lighter, So Draw Times Are Quickly
      • Vincent Run 1.2x Faster
      • He Can Perform A Double Jump While Mid Air. However, The Environments 'Are Unchanged, So Despite a Higher Jump, Player Often Cannot Reach Areas' Within Range
      • Attack Can be Performed In The Air.
      • Vincent's Dogde Roll Was Replace By a Dash Move
      • Limit Break Do not Take Away from The Magic Bar Instead, They Are 'Started by An Item Called "Limit Breaker
      • Several Mission From it Have been Placed Into the Game as Extra Mission, But All Storyline Elements Are Absent

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