FF VII CC HD Remaster

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core HD Remaster

The Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core HD Remaster is the Complication of Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, the New Storyline Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII -Zack Story- and Last Order Final Fantasy VII for Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita. With High Quality For More New Element System.

Overall Change

  • Video Ouput Supported 480p, 780p, 1080i and 1080p
  • Audio Ouput Supported Dolby Digital 5.1 sound and DTS Digital Surround 5.1.
  • 70 music Track has been Arrangment
  • Throphies Support
  • Widescreen Ratio 16:9
  • Character Model has been Update (also Other Major, Monste and Minor Character Has been Update)
  • Texture Model Has been Update
  • The Game Contain Improved Maps & Texture as Well Improved Lighting, Shadowing and Enchead Pre-render Movies with Better Quality in High Definition
  • Both Game Will Get Improved Voice Audio 
  • Some Scene have been adjusted with Diffrent Camera angles to Accommodate
  • New DMW Flashback Scene

More Overall Scenario

Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII -Zack's Story-

New Scenario For Crisis Core You Choose The new Episode or Continue To Crisis Core Scenario As Brand New Story By Kazushige Nojima

Two Years Later After Angeal's Death. Zack Continue As SOLDIER First Class. The Shinra Company Was Attacked By Named AVALANCHE, Zack Fair is sent to deal with the insurgency known as AVALANCHE. He is sent to Icicle Inn to destroy an AVALANCHE base along with a player Turk and his SOLDIER friends, Essai and Sebastian. If the Player Turk is female, Zack will hit on her. A long the way, Essai and Sebastian are kidnapped by AVALANCHE and turned into Ravens, monstrous genetically enhanced humans created by Fuhito to be his personal guard. Zack fights and kills a Raven named Kyneugh, and tries to save the SOLDIER members, but when he arrives they have been transformed and must be defeated. After their deaths, The Kyneugh Still Alive And want To Defeat Zack. He Now Apparance The Kyneugh Mention About angeal Zack, but After Kyneugh Defeated, He Was Never Known Then He Call His Name Angeal Every Last. He Was makes a grave for them with each of their swords crossing. And Than he Found The Diary From Angeal. after He Read His Last Diary. and Story Will Be Continued To Crisis Core Scenario

Last Order Final Fantasy VII

New Event From Last Order Final Fantasy VII OVA The New Crisis Core Event Nibelhiem Incident and Zack's Last stand Act 1, and 3Writed By Kazushige Nojima

Some New Cutscene From Last Order Such As :

Nibelhiem Incident

  • Cloud and Zack arrive at the town during it's destruction and Cloud volunteers to find survivors while Zack follows Sephiroth and Tifa, and Tifa regains consciousness and speaks to both Zack and Cloud at the reactor.
  • Zack and Sephiroth have a longer battle than originally shown, but it takes place inside Jenova's chamber instead of beneath it. Instead of being thrown into the Mako pool, Sephiroth is thrown aside by Cloud and he leaps into the Mako willingly.
  • 1 October After Sephiroth Read All The Jenova's Diary. Sephiroth Laugh and He Made Change To Hate All After. He Burden The Town And Blaze The Town In Nibelhiem and The People Getting Scary And Run.
  • Cloud and Sephiroth have dialogue during their confrontation
  • Zangan is involved with rescuing civilians during the Nibelheim incident 
  • Cloud is stabbed by Sephiroth's Masamune once. But New Event From Last Order, he is stabbed with the sword twice. 
  • Zack and Cloud were found collapsed in the Nibelheim Reactor by the Turks, with Zangan having taken Tifa away. The reactor became filled with Turks and scientists, and as Zack was being carried out of the reactor, Professor Hojo said he is to be taken to Shinra Manor basement. Hojo found Cloud interesting and wanted to use him as a new sample for his experiments.

Zack's Last Stand Act 1

  • Zack runs down a street and two troops on bikes stop him and a helicopter arrives, containing two Turks - Rude and Elena's older sister. Rude asks via his headset if they are supposed to kill or capture Zack. Tseng in his office tells them to try their best to catch him alive. The female Turk tells Zack to surrender, and that if he does, they can promise his personal safety. The two troops on the bikes decide to take him, readying their guns, and Zack declares "what he wants is freedom", and runs at the troops.
  • Cloud is lying motionless on the ground with Zack's Buster Sword in front of him. Two troops try to lift the sword but are unable to. Zack arrives on a bike he stole and saves Cloud. Zack and Cloud ride away with Rude and Gun in a helicopter above them

Zack's Last Stand Act 3

  • Zack has abandoned the bike after running out of gas and has hitchhiked a truck leaving for Midgar.
  • Zack and Cloud are in the back of a yellow truck driving in the Midgar Wasteland. Cloud is unresponsive, but Zack promises Cloud he won't leave him and that once they get to Midgar, they can become jack-of-all-trades.
  • A sniping scope locks onto Cloud, and a person says they will be within firing range soon. 

New Scene

New Event For Zack's Last Stand Act 2 : The Gift Of The Goddess Write by Kazushige Nojima

  • During In The Gongaga Views Zack's Flashback When He Was A Childhood.
  • in Banora White some Confortation genesis To The God 
  • Rufus The President of Shinra Order Nero the Sable and Weiss the Immaculate To to catch Zack and genesis In Banora White Now. and Some Conversation between Nero and Weiss.
  • Before they Drag Genesis Into The Deep Ground Some More Confrontation Had begin
  • Weiss and Nero inform Genesis of the Deepground situation and ask him to join them in an upcoming rebellion against the Restrictors, but Genesis refuses.

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