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Family Guy


American Dad

Family Guy vs American Dad is a fighting game with the 2 TV show series


Team 1: Family Guy

Team 2: American Dad

Characters From Family Guy

Peter Griffin- A fat 40 year old man with glasses, a white shirt, and green pants.He is the father of the griffin family. Special Attack: Fat Slam o Beer

Lois<u> Griffin</u>- Peter's wife is skinny and has orange hair, a green shirt, and blue pants. She is the mother of the griffin family. Special Attack: Angry Swing

Chris Griffin- Peter and Lois's fat son has a blue shirt, is blond, and has an orange baseball cap. He is a 16 year old teenager. Special Attack: Nose Pick

Stewie Griffin- Peter and Lois's evil baby. His head is shaped like a football and he has overalls. He makes guns and spaceships and tries to kill his mother. Special Attack: Lazer Blast Ray

Meg Griffin- The daughter witha pink cap and a pink shirt. Nobody likes Meg. Special Attack: Blabber

Brian Griffin- A pet dog that can talk. He can stand on his hind legs and can communicate to the griffins. He goes on adventure with Stewie. Special Attack: Bark n Bite

Glen Quagmire- A tall skinny man. He has black hair and an enormous chin. His shirt has flowers on it. Special Attack: Giggity Giggity Goo

Joe Swanson- A handicapped man is Peter, Quagmires, and Clevelands friend. He is also a cop. Has a gray shirt. Special Attack: Wheel Run Gun

Cleveland Brown- A kinda fat man that has a yellow shirt. He moved away to a different state. Special Attack: No, No, No, No!

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