In this game, you are a coma patient. (it is never revealed what your name is), you must travel through multiple memories in order to get out of the coma (think portal mixed with inception).

Premise: The year is 2012, and it's not a pretty one for your character. He got hit by a car and is now in a coma, however that's not all, as it turns out your mind and body is deteriorating, life support can only go so far. Your character must travel through specific memories to get out of the coma.

Gameplay: Faded is first and foremost an adventure game, yet it is divided into puzzle-sections and action-sections. The game doesn't have many action sequences (only one or two) and it's only meant to build up tension and drama. To beat the level and more on to the next on, the player must find certain objects, paths, doors, ect. The player finds those things by solving puzzles. The puzzles either give you the object or tell you what it is. Also since you are in a memory most level are illogical (never ending stairs, rains then snows, ect). Also the longer you stay in a level the more that level changes. Also each level is timed, meaning that if you stay in a memory for too long your character will begin to fade (hence the name Faded) and lose abilities.

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