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Exeron Fighters Is A Blood Spurting Game About From Street Fighter, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, And Dead Or Alive.

Coming This Fall On The PSN And Xbox Live.


There Are Only 16 Canada Cartoon Characters, Only 50 USA Cartoon Characters, Only 36 USA Anime Cartoon Characters, Only 2 Japanese Characters, Only 30 Sonic X/ Archie Characters, Only 89 Sonic X Fan-Art Characters, Only 26 Kids Next Door Characters, Only 7 Fan-Art Characters, Only 5 Unlocked Boss Characters Including Inferno, And Into Letters In Arcade/Exhibition Mode.

This Main Menu Includes:

Arcade Mode

Exhibition Mode

Battle Mode

Survival Mode

Create Mode

Online Mode


And More.


These Are:

Canada Characters:

Jacob Two-Two (Normal, Black Skull T-Shirt, Yellow/Blue)

Fearless O'Toole (Noah) (Normal, Wrestling Attire, Blue/Grey)

Intrepid Shapiro (Emma) (Normal, Wrestling Attire, Purple/ White)

Renee Ratelle (Normal, Carribean Green/Black/White)

Buford Orville Gaylord Pugh (Normal, Racoon Attire, Black Grey)

Ann Kenyak (Jacob Two-Two And Renee's Rival) (School Dress, Sky Blue/White)

Ruby Gloom (Normal, 2nd Attire By Juanipmo, Cheerleader Attire - Made By Tiquitoc)

Johnny Test

Justin (Justin Time)

Olive (Justin Time)

Mona "The Vampire" Parker (Original, Normal Attire, Beach Attire)

Lily "Princess Giant" Duncan (Original, Normal Attire, Beach Attire)

Charley "Zapman" Bones (Original, Normal Attire, Beach Attire)

Belinda (The Robot Babysitter) (Normal, Yellow/White)

Angela Smith (Original, Normal Attire, Beach Attire, Brainwaves Attire)

George Jamill (Original, Normal Attire, Beach Attire, Brainwaves Attire)


USA Characters:

Super Why! [Unlocked after beating Line 4 of Story Mode]

Alpha Pig [Unlocked after Beating Arcade Mode as Lilo Pelekai]

Princess Presto

Wonder Red

Sabrina Spellman (Attire From Episode 1-30 In Season 1)

Hilda Spellman

Zelda Spellman

Chloe (Sabrina's Best Friend)

Harvey Kinkle (Normal, Blue/Orange)

Gemma "Gem" Stone (Normal, Blue/Black)

Lilo Pelekai (Fight Attire - Made By Shafty817, Hula Attire)

Jason T. Conrad (Normal, Green/White Attire)

Michelle Frances Conrad (Normal, Viking Trunks/Lynch Trim/Red/Yellow/Flower Logo)

Creepella "Creepie" Creecher (Normal, Pink Hair/Purple Trunk/Black Trim, Bathing Suit In DLC)

Eerie Creecher (Creepie's Twin Sister) (Normal, White/Purple, Bathing Suit In DLC)

Skipper Allen Jr. (Normal,Tarantula Boy Attire)

Raven McFadden (Normal, Lavender/Black)

Chris-Alice Hollyruller (Normal: The Scared Twitch Project , Yellow/Polka Dots)

Carla Cabrera (Normal: The Scared Twitch Project , Cheerleader Attire, Black/Green/Yellow)

Melanie Melisma (Normal, Cheerleader Attire, Light Blue Trunks)

Harry Helby (Normal, Red/Gold/White)

Beauregard "Budge" Bently II (Normal, Blue Green Attire)

Ms. Moserrate (Normal, Karate Attire, Dark Red Attire)

Sid Marlin (Sid The Science Kid) (Normal, Halloween Attire, Sanguine Brown/Blue/Pink Sherbet)

Gabriela Cordova (Sid The Science Kid) (Normal, Halloween Attire)

Gerald McFreddie (Sid The Science Kid) (Normal, Halloween Attire)

May Shu Kim (Sid The Science Kid) (Normal, Halloween Attire, Pink/Purple, Yellow/Garnet, Red Orange, N.E.S.T Team Attire, Hatsune Miku Cosplay, Platinum The Trinity Cosplay) [Unlocked after Completing Arcade mode for the First Time]

Mac Mercer (FHFIF)

Terrence Mercer (FHFIF)

Kimiko Tohomiko (Normal, School Attire, Attires From Episodes 1-52, Red/Black)

Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls)

Ricochet (Mucha Lucha)

The Flea

Bueno Girl

Cindy Slam

Jade Chan (Normal, Chun-Li Cosplay Attire, Orange/Blue)

Lola Mbola (Normal, Light Blue)

Juniper Lee (Normal/ Green, Pink/Red)

Ophelia Ramirez (Normal, Grey/Pink)

Hayley Long

Portia Gibbons (Normal, Blue/White)

Gwen Wu (Normal, Red/White)

Gwen Tennyson (Boxing Attire Made By Ritualist, Swimming Attire Made By Cartoongirls)

Lou (Attire Made By Oscaroliva, Black Trunk/Red Trim)

Chatta (Winx Club Attire, Pop Pixie Attire)

Lenore (Normal, Ballerina Attire)

Bonnie Rockweller (Pink Outfit, Cheerleader Attire)

Donnie Thornberry (2011 Made By Dinoliz)

Debbie Thornberry (Normal, 2nd Attire - Made By PerryWhite)

Eliza Thornberry (Normal, Purple, Yellow/Red - Made By PerryWhite)


USA Anime Characters:

Zatch (Zatch Bell)

Tia (Zatch Bell)

Kanchomé (Zatch Bell)

Polygon (Zatch Bell)

Brago (Zatch Bell)

Zofis (Zatch Bell)

Kido (Zatch Bell)

Laila (Zatch Bell)

Wonrei (Zatch Bell)

Penny (Zatch Bell)

Momon (Zatch Bell)

Kolulu (Zatch Bell)

Vincent Bari (Zatch Bell)

Pamoon (Zatch Bell)

Cherish (Zatch Bell)

Ted (Zatch Bell)

Suzuna Taki (Normal, Cheerleader Attire, Made By Captainmaverick)

Alexis Rhodes (Normal, White/Blue)

Téa Gardner (Pink/White/ Green "Spirit"/ Red/ Wrestling Attire- Made By zkfanart)

Rex Raptor (Normal, Red/Black)

Weevil Underwood (Normal, Green/Black)

Joey Wheeler

Marry Nightmare

Hilary Tachibana (2 Attires, Swimsuit Attire, Pink Attire - Made By Mary-McGregor)

Shauna The Battle Girl

Marble (Pokémon)

Rockna Hiiragi

Red Riding Hood (Akazukin)

Mariah Wong

Mondo Ooya


Hyper Blossom

Rolling Bubbles

Powered Buttercup

Mariah Wong (Attire From Seasons 1 To 3, Beach Attire, Pink And Red Bra And Trunks, New Attire - Made By Mountain-Monkey, 2nd New Attire -Made By Kurow In DLC)


Japan Characters:

Nobita Bobi

Shizuka Minamoto


Sonic X/Archie Characters:

Sonic The Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prowler

Knuckles The Echidna

Amy Rose (2012/2013 Attires, Sonic Riders Attire, Olympic Games Attire, Sailor Attire In DLC)

Cream The Rabbit (2011/2012 Attires/Sonic Riders Attire)

Princess Sally Acorn (2013 Attire)

Sonia Acorn

Fiona Fox

Tikal The Echidna (Original, 2011 Attire Sonic Riders Attire)


Bunny Rabbot

Belle D'Coolette

Espio The Chameleon

Maria Robotnik The Hedgehog

Lara-Su (Made By Nearria, Hunger Games Attire)

Li Moon

Monkey Khan

Skye Prowler

Melody Prowler

Sliver The Hedgehog

Blaze The Cat (Normal, Sonic Riders Attire, Olympic Games Attires)

Mina Mongoose (Normal, Cheerleader Attire Made By NextGrandcross)

Sonia The Hedgehog (Normal, 2nd Attire - Made By PhyrotheHedgehog)

Vector The Crocodile

Charmy Bee

Li Moon (Made By NextGrandcross)

Scourge The Hedgehog

Ash Mongoose

Max The Monkey

Sharps The Chicken


Sonic X Fan-Art Characters:

Angelina Jeanette "AJ" Mouseling

Polly-Anne Mouseling

Alice Bridgette Nibbletoes

Gracie Madeleine Le Chateau

Viki Andrea Whiskerson

Marco Fernando Quesillo

A.Z. Smithers

Mimi Jane "MJ" Squigglytail

Hope The Echidna

Ivy The Echidna

Codi The Thrasher Shark

Ameira The Fox

Honey The Cat

Leaf The Hedgehog

Sandra The Lion

Spinda Der Stahl

Allison The Wolf (Made By Wolfchotic-Josh)

Cheyenne The Hedgehog

Cherri The Racoon

Mangler The Racoon

Rae The Hedgehog

Cherri Sadina

Angelika The Cat

Nancy The Hedgehog

Husky Skylight

Michelle Faine

Renee The Fox

Kimi Rose (Amy's Sister)

Blue Bunny

Eva The Hedgehog

Mighty The Hedgehog

Sonia Tyler

Maxus The Fox

Lisa Berry

Lucia The Wolf

Skye The Havana Brown Cat

Dianah The Cat

Elizabeth The Porcupine

Domestic The Hedgehog

Wave The Swallow

Minox The Cat

Liz Hearts

Sakura Steel

Lush The Jaguar

Crystal The Cat (Made By Sheimydicaprio, Sonic Riders Attire - Made By Chibi-Jen-Hen)


Charlene The Bat

Conquering Storm

Violet The Hedgehog

Molly The Echidna

Silvia The Hedgehog

Mira The Dog (1st Attire - Made By Chibi-Nuffie, 2nd Attire - Made By SiNGE-0, 2 Attire “Mira In Neon Lights” And “Mira TH” Made By EvilQueenie)

Becky The Hedgehog

Coffee The Echidna

Tea The Hedgehog

Mocha The Hedgehog

Tarts The Cat

Lisa Berry

Epix The Sax Fox

Saber The Armadillo (Made By Astrinova)

Harmony (Made By KokonutCookies)

Aura The Hedgehog

Sancosity The Hybrid (Normal - Made By ShadowSinty, Sweater Attire - Made By Kiki-The-Cat)

Kinomi The Hedgehog

Dr. Ova The Hedgehog

Lens The Hedgehog

Han The Owl

Cassy The Hedgehog

Sue Ellen Armstrong (Normal: Made - By LaTigressa1, Cultural Attire, Summer Attire, Tae Kwon Do Attire, Bathing Suit In DLC)

Reena The Racoon (Made By Aamypink)

Redd (1st Attire Made By HikariDono08, 2nd Attires:"Fashionista Redd" And "Do The Hulaaaa" - Made By Clouderoo, 3rd Attire - Made By SolaireMomo)

Rae The Hedgehog

Lilith The Hedgehog (3 Attires - Made By NextGrandcross)

Katou The Cat (Made By Huski The Fox)

Harmony The Gazelle (1st Attire Made By Grim09, 2nd Attire - Made By Nancher)

Ipsie The Hare (Made By Sakura123Cha)

DJ Reverbrance (Normal, Beach Attire - Made By Dj-Reverbrance)

Kasie The Lion (Made By Lightwaves Warriors)

Nicki The HedgeBat (Made By Kasic-The-Lion)

Tailsic The Fox (Made By Penelopy Hedgehog, Team Fokkusu Attire - Made By TritinTheTenrec)

Cialli (Made By Treshii, Team Fokkusu Attire - Made By TritinTheTenrec)

Lina The Fox (Normal - Made By Lovely-Rose TH, Team Fokkusu Attire - Made By TritinTheTenrec)

Venus The Hedgehog (Old Attire - Made By DarkSonic250, New Attire - Made By Caligurl1225)

Sonica The Hedgebot (Made By ParadoxPandah)

Leth The Hedgechidna (Made By Dj-Reverbrance)

Nelly The Dalmation (Made By RoseRaptor)

Sapphire The Wolf (Made By Aamypink)

Sheena The Grizzy Bear (Made By Adi-Aoi)

Suzanne Shield (Made By EvilQueenie)

Snowie The Arctic Fox (Made By MissSnowify)

Grand Chase Characters:

Lire Eruyell (Grand Chase)

Elesis Seighart (Grand Chase/Elsword)

Arme Glenistad (Grand Chase)

Ryan Woodguard (Grand Chase)

Lass Isolet (Grand Chase)

Amy Plie (Grand Chase/Elsword)

Rin (Grand Chase/Elsword)

 KND Characters:

Nigel Uno (Numbah 1) (Normal, Red/White)

Hoagie Gilligan (Numbah 2) (Normal, Brown Trunks)

Kuki Sanban (Numbuh 3) (Normal, Beach Attire, 2, Attires, Green/Yellow, Green/Pink)

Wallabee Beetles (Numbuh 4) (Normal, Orange Trunks)

Abigail "Lil'Abby" Lincoln (Numbuh 5) (Normal, 2nd Attire - Made By Uzurimia 3rd Attire - Made By ia-chuu, 3rd And 4th Attires - Made By T K G , Blue Trunk/White Trim)

Maurice (Numbuh 9)

The Kid (Normal, Yellow/Green Trunks)

Miley Ferguson (Numbuh 10)

Virginia Sims (Numbuh 23) (Normal, Pajama Attire - Made By Theknockoutkings, Black Trunks/Red Trim)

Patton Drilovsky (Numbuh 60) (Normal, Camouflage/Orange)

Sonya Silverman (Numbuh 83) (Normal, Silver Attire, 3rd Attire - Made By T K G)

Lee Disken (Numbuh 84) (Normal, Brown Attire, 3rd Attire - Made By T K G)

Fanny Fulbright (Numbuh 86) (Fight Attire, Normal, Beach Attire)

Rachel T. Mckenzie (Numbuh 362) (Fight Attire, Normal, Beach Attire)

Harvey McKenzie (Numbuh 363 (Normal, Fight Attire)

James Valant (Numbuh 666)

The Steve

James N. Garfield

Madison Future (Numbuh 371)

Tommy Gilligan (Normal, "The Tommy" Attire)

Cree Lincoln (Normal, Ninja Attire, Black Trunk/Red Trim)

Lizzie Devine (Normal, Beach Attire, 3rd Attire - Made By T K G)

Mushi Sanban (Normal, Pink Trunks/Yellow Trim, White Trunks/Red Trim)

Nora Wilkins (Numbuh 652)

Milo Casper (Numbuh 641)

Vicky Danshu (Numbuh 650)

Garrett Jacobs (Numbuh 900)

Valerie DeLisle (Normal Attire, Pink Trunks/Black Trim)



Fan Art Characters:

Brandon Kelps (Normal, Damage Attire, Spy Gear Attire, Fist Squad Leader Attire)

Li Bow Kaplow Red/White Karate, Beach Attire)

Logan Thissen (Red Suit/Gray Boots, Science Attire)

Dustin Timberwolf (Blue Shorts, Cowboy Outfit)

Rage-Daru Kanata (Gold Ninja Outfit, White/Red Ninja Outfit)

Christy Frogman (Orange/White, Green/Yellow)

Oliver Frogman (Street Attire, Orange/White)



King Sandy (KND) (Unlocked, Playable)


Android 666 (Unlocked, Playable)

Rell (Unlocked, Playable)

Demon Frowin (Unlocked, Playable)

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