Excalibur: Mission (エクスカリバー:ミッションEkusukaribā: Misshon, lit. Xcalibur: Mission) is a spin-off title taking place after the events of Excalibur. It is similar to Mother 3.

Update: This idea will be changed soon.


After the events of Excalibur (as the top implies), Zio and his friends went back to the real world while the people of Makailand lived in peace. But then Gyros, the iron giant, appears and decides to rule both worlds with an iron fist!...Literally... Zio and his friends goes back to Makailand to save it again.


As the top implies, this game is similar to Mother 3, but with obvious changes to match the game. PP has been changed to SP, the commands from Mother 3 has been changed to: Attack, Skill, Synch/Synchro and Items, and much more has been differed. The "musical combo system" is called Spirit Beats.


  • New Game
    • ​Normal Mode
    • Epic Saga Mode (have a save data of Epic Saga V: Those Who Fight)
  • ​Load Game
    • ​Load
    • Continue
  • ​Settings
  • Gallery (JP: Museum)


These are the difficulties you have to pick when you start a new game.

  • Beginner (JP: Navigation)
  • Normal
  • Expert

In Epic Saga Mode, you can only pick between the Normal and Expert difficulties, though in the demo version, the Beginner difficulty is your only one.


All the characters of Excalibur returns, with additions of new ones!:

  • Ziokai/Zioki - Zio's long lost young brother. He stepped into Makailand at the age of 4 and 10 years later became the prince of the the world, you later meet him at Castle Grandila, he is revealed to be Zio's brother after Zio sees the crest moon-shaped birthmark on the back of his neck.


  • GigaCom
  • V.T. Volcano


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