Everything Vs. Everything is a Fighting Game with theoretically every character. It is not M.U.G.E.N, because it will contain more characters than they have (Even though you can make a Screenpack that can hold Endless Characters and Stuff). It Will Be Released FOR THE XBOX 360, PS3, PC & Wii U, Not Much as been told, as it is being under hard development and the creators are trying to get the OK on all the characters they are going to use.


They Announced the Gameplay will be excellent, according to their beta testers. it will be like another Ultimate MARVEL Vs. Capcom 3, Only Better and there are many specials and things like that. Not to mention, The Better Graphics.


You Can Enter Characters from the Character Code Field.


You Can Enter Stages from the Stage Code Field.

Game Modes:

You Can Enter Game Modes from the Game Mode Code Field.

Music From Stages:

You Can Enter a Song From The Music Code Menu. Then Choose a Stage You Want a Song To Play While in Battle.


You Can Enter Extras From the Extras Code Field.

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