Empire Earth 4 is the fourth installement in the Sierra's Empire Earth videogame series. It is projected to have an expansion: The Art of Domination.

Note: the * symbol indicates contents available only in the expansion The Art of Domination

Main Menu

  • Singleplayer
    • Campaign
    • Skirmish
    • Scenario (7 availbale as standard, additional scenarios can be created in editor)
    • Mission
    • World domination*
  • Multiplayer
  • Editor
    • Campaign
    • Scenario Map
    • Civilization*
  • Extras
  • Options

Gameplay news


  • The editor is much simplier: much of the map designing will be similiar to the Rise of Nations scenario map editor.
  • Now, for the first time in a real time strategy game, there will be Great People, divided in Great Prophets (who increase the morale/happiness and production in the province, and found a new religion for the player who discovers the religion's correlate technology first (for example, )), Great Merchants (who can explore a rival territory untouched and perform trade missions, which can improve relations between the two players), Great Scientists (who can build the Academy, which doubles the Tech Points production from all Universities/Laboratories and Temples), Great Artists (who can build a Great Work, which increases the Culture in any province by 4000) and Great Engineers (who can instantly build any World Wonder or National Wonder)
  • Gorvernment is now divided in 5 categories: Government Civics, Legal Civics, Labor Civics, Economy Civics and Religion Civics, which offer various advantages. Each category can accept JUST ONE of their Civics.
  • Diplomacy is much more transparent: not only the players will know what do the others think about them; they will also them in what way, via reputation points added or subtracted thanks to good or bad actions towards the other leaders.
  • If more than one player is building the same World Wonder, the first who completes its Wonder wins; the others will have to get double the original cost of the Wonder and start a new project.
  • Finally, there's a new way to win: a Diplomatic Victory. Building the United Nations will double the votes on the player who build them, whatever the resolution is, including Diplomatic Victory.

Added in The Art of Domination

  • A new Great Person has been added: the Great General can battle alone as a standalone unit (just like the Military, Economic and Imperial Leaders from Empire Earth II and the Warrior and Strategist Heroes from the first Empire Earth).
  • The World Conquest mode allows to play as many factions in game during some of the most important periods in human history, or even play as an empire and guide it to glory from 500'000 BC to 3000 AD.
  • Thanks to the Apostolic Palace, it's now possible to archieve a Diplomatic Victory much earlier in game.
  • Native tribes are now back. There are Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Ainu, Maori, Inuit, Vandals and Huns, and often offer mercenaries.


There are 18 civilizations in the standard game and 14 in the expansion, which make a total of 45 civilizations.

Civilization Unique Unity Continent Special powers
Americans NAVY Seal (Marine) Western
Aztecs Jaguar warrior (Swordsman) Mesoamerican
Greeks Phalanx (Spearman) Western
Japanese Samurai (Maceman) Far Eastern
Persians Immortal (Chariot) Middle Eastern
Arabians Camel archer (Knight) Middle Eastern
Chinese Chu-Ko-Nu (Crossbowman) Far Eastern
Egyptians War chariots (Chariot) Middle Eastern
English Redcoat (Rifleman) Western
Germans Panzer (Tank) Western
French Musketeer (Musketman) Western
Incas Quechua (Warrior) Mesoamerican
Indians War elephant Middle Eastern
Mongols Keshig (Horse Archer) Far Eastern
Malinesians Skirmisher (Archer) African
Romans Praetorian guard (Swordsman) Western
Russians Cossack (Cavalry) Western
Spanish Conquistadores (Knight) Western
Civilization Unique unit Continent Special Power
Babylonians Assyrian Bowman (Archer) Middle Eastern
Carthaginians Numidian Cavalry (Horse Archer) Middle Eastern
Celts Gallic Warrior (Swordsman) Western
Koreans Hwacha (Catapult) Far Eastern
Ethiopians Oromo Warrior African
Khmers Ballista Elephant Far Eastern
Maasai Morani Warrior (Warrior) African
Mayan Holkan (Spearman) Mesoamerican
Sioux Dog soldier (Axeman) Western
Portuguese Carrack (Caravel) Western
Dutch East Indiaman (Galleon) Western
Vikings Bersekr (Maceman) Western
Sumerians Vulture Warrior (Axeman) Middle Eastern
Turks Jannissary (Musketman) Middle Eastern
Zulu Impi Warrior (Spearman) African


There are 7 epochs in EE4, each with their own technologies, all in a giant tech tree.

  1. Ancient Age
  2. Classical Age
  3. Middle Age
  4. Renaissance
  5. Industrial Age
  6. Modern Age
  7. Future Age


  • Advanced Flight
    • 5000 Tech Points
    • Requires Satellites and Flight
    • Leads to Stealth
    • Allows to train Gunship and Jet Fighter
    • Obsoletes Stables
  • Aesthetics
    • 300 tech Points
    • Requires Writing
    • Leads to Literature and Drama
    • Allows to build The Parthenon, the Statue of Zeus and the Shwedagon Paya
  • Agriculture
    • 60 Tech Points
    • Leads to Pottery and Animal Husbandry
    • Allows to build Farms
  • Alphabet
    • 300 Tech Points
    • Requires Writing
    • Leads to Literature (with Polyteism) and Drama
    • Allows to train Spy
    • Enables Tech Trading with another player
  • Animal Husbandry
    • 100 Tech Points
    • Requires Agriculture OR Hunting
    • Leads to Writing and Horseback Riding
    • Reveals Horses (when in World Conquest)
  • Archery
    • 60 Tech Points
    • Requires Hunting
    • Allows to train Archer, Skirmisher (Malinesian Archer), Longbowman, Crossbowman, Chu-Ko-Nu (Chinese Crossbowman), Horse Archer, Keshig (Mongol Horse Archer), Camel Archer (Arabian Knight), Numidian Cavalry (Carthaginian Horse Archer) and Assyrian Bowman (Babylonian Archer)
  • Artillery
    • 4000 Tech Points
    • Requires Steel, Physics and Rifling
    • Leads to Rocketry
    • Allows to train Artillery, Anti-Tank and Mobile Artillery


Conquest scenarios

  1. Earth - Conquest of the World
    1. Egypt (Egyptians)
    2. Rome (Romans)
    3. Greece (Greeks)
    4. Germany (Germans)
    5. France (French)
    6. England (English)
    7. China (Chinese)
    8. Persia (Persians)
    9. Arabia (Arabs)
    10. Russia (Russians)
    11. Mexica (Aztecs)
    12. United States (Americans)
    13. Japan (Japanese)
    14. Inca (Inca)
    15. Mali (Malinesians)
    16. Mongolia (Mongols)
    17. India (Indians)
    18. Spain (Spanish)
  2. Earth - Conquest of the World*
    1. Egypt (Egyptians)
    2. Rome (Romans)
    3. Greece (Greeks)
    4. Germany (Germans)
    5. France (French)
    6. England (English)
    7. China (Chinese)
    8. Persia (Persians)
    9. Arabia (Arabs)
    10. Russia (Russians)
    11. Mexica (Aztecs)
    12. United States (Americans)
    13. Japan (Japanese)
    14. Inca (Inca)
    15. Mali (Malinesians)
    16. Mongolia (Mongols)
    17. India (Indians)
    18. Spain (Spanish)
    19. Turkey (Turks)
    20. Ethiopia (Ethiopians)
    21. Netherlands (Dutch)
    22. Portugal (Portuguese)
    23. Carthage (Carthaginian)
    24. Korea (Koreans)
    25. South Africa (Zulu)
    26. Babylon (Babylonians)
    27. Sumer (Sumerians)
    28. Maya (Mayans)
    29. Kambogia (Khmer)
    30. Native Confederation (Sioux)
    31. Vikings (Vikings)
    32. Kenya (Maasai)
  3. American Revolution
    1. 13 Colonies (Americans)
    2. British Empire (English)
  4. World War I
  5. World War II - Earth
    1. Soviet Union (Russians)
    2. Third Reich (Germans)
    3. United States (Americans)
    4. British Empire (English)
    5. France (French)
    6. Kingdom of Italy (Romans)
    7. Japanese Empire (Japanese)
  6. World War II
  7. Seven Kingdoms of China
    1. Han (Chinese)
    2. Wei (Chinese)
    3. Zhao (Chinese)
    4. Qi (Chinese)
    5. Chu (Chinese)
    6. Yan (Chinese)
    7. Qin (Chinese)

Wonders and Projects

Great Wonder Effect
Great Lighthouse All ship units gain double the LOS.
Colossus All warships gain +50% attack and health.
Great Library Science output from Universities and Temples is increased by 200%.
Hanging Gardens All citizens gather double the food than normal, and twice as fast.
Pyramids Unlocks all Civic Governments (including Monarchy and Democracy).
Oracle One free technology.
Partenon All cities gain +50% Culture.
Stonehenge Each new city erects a new Temple for free.
Chichén Itzà All cities can attack defenders without any garrison.
Angkor Wat The Patron Religion increases the gathering bonus and morale to all units by 150%.
Notre Dame
50% morale to all military units.
Spiral Minaret All trade units increase gold introits by 200%.
Cappella Sistina
5% Culture per citizen in University/Laboratory and priest in Temple.
Taj Mahal Golden Age instantly triggered.
Liberty Statue All citizen gather double the tin, iron, saltpeter, oil, uranium, carbonium, plasma and spice than normal, and twice as fast.
Versailles Enemy Spies are 50% less effective.
Tour Eiffel All citizen gather all resources twice as fast.
50% culture in all cities.
50% culture in all cities.
Rock 'n Roll
50% culture in all cities.
Kremlin All buildings that produce units of any tipe produce 66% faster.
Pentagon All newly recruited military units are instantly Veteran.
Space Elevator The Spaceship is produced 50% faster.
United Nations Allows the decisions with all Civilizations, and assures Diplomatic Domination, thus greatly improving the chances of a Diplomatic Victory.
National Wonder Effect
Epical Poem
Patriotic Poem
Forbidden Palace
National Park
Shakespeare Theather
Mount Rushmore
University of Oxford
Red Cross
Wall Street
World Project Effect
Manhattan Project Unlocks the possibility of building nuclear weapons, nuclear bunkers and SDI in all cities.
Internet Gives the owner up to 2 technologies unlocked by other Civilizations.
Special Project Effect
Apollo Program Unlocks the possibility of building Spaceship parts. Space Victory or Final Epoch belonging to Group 4 (see above to the Epoch lists) must be activated.
SDI 75% chance to intercept nuclear weapons. Requires Manhattan Project.


Religion is also an important factor in dilpmacy between civilization. There are seven different religions, all with their special Wonder-like buildings. Those buildings allow to train a special unit as well.

Religion Special building Unique unit
Jewism Temple of Solomon
Hinduism Kashi Wishwanath
Buddhism Mahabodhi
Confuciandom Kong Miao
Taoism Dai Miao
Christiandom Church of Nativity
Islamism Masjid al-Haram

Each civilization can have more than one religion, through only one of these religions can become the Patron Religion of the Civilization (unless the player has researched Religious Freedom). All cities professing the Patron Religion gain a +10% bonus for gathering all resources. The religion alone increases all Priests stats by 5%, and the Special Building triples it in 15%.


  • Airship (Air unit)
    • Can see submarines
    • Moves non-stop
    • Requires Physics
    • Upgrades to Fighter
  • Anti-Tank (Gunpowder unit)
    • Starts with Ambush
    • x2 damage VS Armored units
    • 20% chance to intercept aircraft
    • Requires Artillery
    • Upgrades to Mechanized Infantry
  • Archer (Archery unit)
    • 1 first strike every 120 seconds
    • +25% defense when on an hill
    • Requires Archery
    • Upgrades to Longbowman/Crossbowman
  • Artillery (Siege weapon)
    • +50% damage VS Siege weapons
    • Requires Artillery
    • Upgrades to Mobile Artillery
  • Attack submarine (Naval unit)
    • +50% damage VS submarines
    • Can explore all territories freely
    • Invisible for most units
    • Can see submarines
    • Requires Rocketry, Radio and Combustion
  • Axeman (Melee unit)
    • +50% damage VS melee units
    • Requires Bronze Working
    • Upgrades to Maceman
  • Ballista Elephant (Mounted Unit)
    • Unique Unit for Khmer, replacing Elephant
    • +50% damage VS mounted units
    • Requires Construction and Horseback Riding
  • Battleship (naval unit)
    • Requires Industrialism
  • Berseker (Melee unit)
    • Unique unit for Vikings, replacing Maceman
    • +10% damage VS buildings
    • +50% damage VS melee units
    • Requires City Service and Machinery


Government civics

  • Despotism
    • No technology required
    • No effect
  • Hereditary Rule
    • Requires Monarchy
    • +10% resource gathering and dropoff per Temple
  • Representation
    • Requires Constitution
    • +10% Tech Points gathering per University/Laboratory worker
  • Police State
    • Requires Fascism
    • +25% military production
  • Universal Suffrage
    • Requires Democracy
    • +50% resource gathering and building speed
    • Allows to spend gold to finish production, proportional to the building's health.

Legal civics

  • Barbarism
    • No technology required
    • No effect
  • Vassalage
    • Requires Feudalism
    • -50% kills required for a unit to become an Hero
  • Bureaucracy
    • Requires Civil Service
    • +50% resource gathering and building speed
  • Nationhood
    • Requires Nationalism
    • +50% morale in a province per Barracks
  • Free Speech
    • Requires Liberalism
    • +50% resource gathering and building speed
    • +100% culture per province

Labor civics

  • Tribalism
    • No technology required
    • No effect
  • Slavery
    • Requires Bronze Working
    • +100% building speed
  • Serfdom
    • Requires Feudalism
    • +50% resource gathering and building speed
  • Caste System
    • Requires Code of Laws
    • +50% building speed and health
    • -100% citizen costs and recruiting time
  • Emancipation
    • Requires Democracy
    • -100% citizen costs and recruiting time
    • +100% resource gathering and dropoff

Economy civica

  • Decentralization
    • No technology required
    • No effect
  • Mercantilism
    • Requires Banking
    • +200% gold gathering
  • Free Market
    • Requires Economics
    • +100% trade routes income
    • No foreign trade routes
  • State Property
    • Requires Communism
    • +50% food and wood gathering
  • Enviromentalism
    • Requires Medicine
    • +100% resource gathering
    • +50% health to all units

Religion civics

  • Paganism
    • No technology required
    • No effect
  • Organized Religion
    • Requires Monotheism
    • All temples recruit Priests and Prophets faster
  • Theocracy
    • Requires Theology
    • +50% chance to obtain unique units from temple
  • Pacifism
    • Requires Pacifism
    • All military units, -50% health
    • All civic units, +50% health
  • Free Religion
    • Requires Liberalism
    • No state religion
    • +10% morale per religion in a province
    • +50% Tech Points production



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