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Tetris is a well known classic game originally from Russia. The point of the game is to drop, rotate and fit polygons to form a complete row. That row would disappear and points are added to the score. The goal was to continue this task as long as possible and achieve the highest score. There has been remakes, but none as bold as this.

Elemental Tetris is an elemental spin on the classic arcade game. It consists of four unique playing styles for the game. It also comes with the V.T. Volcano as a bonus game.


Depends on the console.

On the NES, it is the regular control pad to move the blocks. (A) to rotate clockwise, (B) to rotate counter-clockwise. Down on the pad to drop immediately.
On the Wii, Wii remote is held sideways. Control pad to move. (1) and (2) to rotate, and (A) to drop.
On the V.T. Volcano, the controls appear as the m-pad left and right to move, i-pad left and right to rotate, and i to drop.


Super epic original. Little difference.

[ | | ]
[ ]

(stays balanced despite top heaviness)


( )
( | | )

(Water will fall if over a gap. It will also push up block above it.)


Falling wood. Eventually catches on fire when a row is complete. The fire will burn some random blocks beside it.

[#][ ][ ]

(Different colors of wood burn when fire is below it. Can cause a chain reaction. [#] will both burn when over fire of that color)


Basically upside down. There are currents of air that affect horizontal movement.

( | | )
( )

(Upside down. Reacts similar to water.)


It is an arcade game, so it doesn't have any story. It also doesn't subscribe to any fan theories about the Tetris game. It was made to be enjoyed, not philosophized about. Enjoy! Nonadison

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