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Hello, visitors and members!  My nickname is Element Knight 375, an avid fan of Game Ideas Wiki. I'm the writer of several pages, such as The Element ChroniclesPixel Fighters, and Star Wars Battlefront III, and this Forum began when I communicated with senior members, such as Ouroburos.TheNewSaurian and Geniusguy445, regarding my work and whether I should join the wiki.

Geniusguy graciously extended a personal invitation to create an account and join the community, but I convinced him to let me stay anonymous from an official standpoint for security reasons. However, I provided a nickname, Element Knight 375, for them to address me by, and shortly afterward they gave me permission to establish this, a Discussion Page, for people to give their opinions on once-a-day questions through the extremely quick, extremely easy, and extremely informal process of editing.  And even now, after creating an account, I continue to expand it, and you great contributors out there keep responding!

So here's how this works: for every day I visit the site, I will come on to this page, type that day's date, and post a question for that day, regarding everything from what game you would want made the most, from a good bout of "Who would win in a fight?". If you are intrigued by a question, just click "Edit Page" at the top next to the title, scroll down to the question you want to answer, start a paragraph, and then make up a nickname for yourself. This name can be on-the-spot or established, but you don't have to make an account. From there, you just write up your answer, hit publish, and then it's open to the public. If your answer is really good, then I, Element Knight, or some of the other contributors might respond to it. If you have a question you'd like me to ask, go to the bottom and post a comment telling me (also account-free). Are you ready? Here goes!



Please check out the archives as well. Smiley

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