All right most people are having ideas of fights between mages and men with beast as an add on. My idea is to have a thee way cival war for Tamriel , Eleves  , Men and Beasts.



The game takes place 300 years after Skyrim. while there wa ongoing peace talks between eleves and men , the Khajits have evolved under new leader Zago. With Khajits now breeding only with the fastest and strongest of their kinds they have become  true warriors. They now seek for all of beast to rebel against the other superpowers. The Khajits invade Black marsh now eleves and men wonder wheter to join or to fight against eachother to see who controlls all Tamriel once for all.


You join one of the three races. Khajits you look to find the ancient machine machina that Zago fully belives exist ,  This weapon is told to have been only a mtyh beneath the center of tamriel and only and elder scroll can reveal its location. If join eleves you help decide wheter to join men   or try and takeover tamriel through magic and enslave all of mankind and all beast. If men you see to trust eleves or to destroy all unholy beings in your eyes.  All 3 groups can decide to try and gain alliance from the neutral orcs   or destroy them and gain valuable sources , also  to gain contol of black marsh. If Orc or argoinan you decide to try and stay neutral in the war or allign with of the others

Character Design Edit

Playable Races Edit

Like all Elder Scrolls games, this one gives you a choice between several different races, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Your character's race does not determine your affiliation, but certain races tend to align themselves with certain factions.

  • Colonist Races of Tamriel
    • Humans (include Nord, Imperial, Breton, and Redguard
    • Elves (include High Elves, Dark Elves, and Wood Elves)
    • Khajit
    • Argonians 
    • Orcs

Skills Edit

same as skyrim Mage warrior and thief skills, with the inclusion of unarmed skill for Khajits and other charcaters , perks such as uppercuts which raise oppents into the air ,double punch which can strike two opponents at a time and haymaker which paralises an target for a brief period

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