Educracy is a sandbox game developed and published by Rockstar Games. It is the spiritual sequel to Bully, but instead of focusing on general high school life, it focuses on political matters and features political factions alike to major political parties of the United States. The 'College State of Educracy' is treated as an actual state or a micronation at the very least by its people. It is referred to as the 'unofficial but sovereign 51st state of America'.

Educracy is a combination of the english word education and greek work kratos, which means power in english.


A boy named Ryan Amen enrolls into Educracy Academy, a special school that focuses almost solely on politics and nothing else. After getting into the school, Ryan finds the academy to be an actual sovereign state with boundaries. He realizes that getting out is nigh impossible after entering and decides to change the political status quo in the school so that the borders would open and he could return home.

The school becomes a second home for Ryan and he finds out that the political system is shaped like that of the United States with five large parties. The parties are obviously Republicans, Democrats, Constitutionals, Libertarians and Greens. After feeling that none of the parties is right for him, he tries to get elected as an independent, but fails miserably so he creates his own political party with a few other independents. The party is known as Reformers and it is of course the same as the Reform Party of the United States.


  • Ryan Amen - the main protagonist of Educracy and the Reformers' chairman. Started with Greens but got fed up with their inane policies.
  • Tyrell Ant - the main antagonist of Educracy and the Republicans' chairman.
  • Maxine Edgebrow - the president of the student council of Educracy Academy and the Libertarians' chairwoman.
  • Butsz Kahne and Cheka 'Cheek' Yubar - exchange students from Poland and the co-founders of the Reformers alongside Ryan.
  • Kenneth Gordion and Joanna Harper - president and vice-president of the Greens. A hippie boy and a punk girl.

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