Edge of Tomorrow, name may be changed, is MMO Mecha First-person shooter game. It is developed and published by DECA and released in 2019 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Although classified as an MMO game, the game contains a singleplayer storyline.


The story takes place 200 years after a catastrophic event on earth, killing over 4 billion people. In the aftermath, people start living isolated from each other to survive. In the following years, technology made a huge downfall, but took another path to innovation. Instead of new entertainment inventions, people start making survival inventions. Slowly, humanization is rebuilded. People start living in greater numbers again, resulting in the most advanced technology. However, each group has invented his own things and see that others have made something greater and start copying it because they are afraid from them. This results in a standoff between the two greatest groups. Eventually, a war starts raging over a new earth with people are using massive robotic suits to fight each other.

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