Dynasty Warriors 9 (Shin Sangoku Musou 8 in Japan) is the next game in the Dynasty Warriors for the PS4 and Xbox One. As the 9th game in the series Tecmo Koei finally wanted to have a game where the whole story is finished. As such several characters were added.


The gameplay hasn't changed that much from the previous game. With the same Earth. Heaven, and Man weapon system. One major difference is the fake difficulty has been removed. Not only will the higher difficulties increase enemy health and attack it will also allow certain officers and missions appear. Higher difficulties also increase enemy AI.

Another new addition is the locations of hidden areas where rare items and weapons are hidden.

The weapons have also been revamped. Each character has 10 weapons now. 5 can be found in stages but the other 5 have to be created by finding various items.

The story mode options have increased with the inclusion of a Bad Path. This path can be unlocked if too many missions are failed during the story.

Story Mode

Like the previous game you choose a kingdom and go through their story from their beginning to their end. Also includes What-If and Bad paths. Other character's groups receive short stories similar to their Dynasty Warriors 4 stories.

Free Mode

Same as previous installments. Allows you to play on certain sides not in the story mode.

Ambition Mode

Improved version of the previous games. Difficulty increases on its own depending on how well your camp is doing and how many allies you have.

Legends Mode

A series of unique what if battles for individual character. Each character get 2 to 3.

Rush Mode

A single player mode similar to Dynasty Warriors 5XL's Xtreme Mode.


  Wei       Wu     Shu      Jin       Others
Xiahou Dun Zhou Yu Zhao Yun Sima Yi Diaochan
Dian Wei Lu Xun Guan Yu Sima Shi Lu Bu
Zhang Liao Sun Shangxiang Zhang Fei Sima Zhao Dong Zhao
Cao Cao Gan Ning Zhuge Liang Deng Ai Yuan Shao
Xu Zhu Sun Jian Liu Bei Wang Yuanji Zhang Jiao
Xiahou Yuan Taishi Ci Ma Chao Zhong Hui Meng Huo
Xu Huang Lu Meng Huang Zhong Zhuge Dan Zhurong
Zhang He Huang Gai Wei Yan Xiahou Ba Zuo Ci
Cao Ren Zhou Tai Guan Ping Guo Huai Chen Gong
Cao Pi Ling Tong Pang Tong Jia Chong Lu Lingqi
Zhenji Sun Ce Yueying Zhang Chunhua Hua Xiong*
Pang De Sun Quan Jiang Wei Wen Yang Huche'er*
Cai Wenji Xiaoqiao Xingcai Chen Tai* King Wutugu*
Jia Xu Daqiao Liu Shan Yang Huiyu* Yuan Shu*
Wang Yi Ding Feng Ma Dai Yang Hu* Gongsun Zan*
Gou Jia Lianshi Guan Suo Du Yu* Nyotengu (Dead or Alive 5 Last Round) (Guest)*
Yue Jin Lu Su Bao Sanniang Pang Hui*
Li Dian Han Dang Xu Shu Wen Hu*
Yu Jin Zhu Ran Zhang Bao Sima Yan*
Xun Yu Zhang Hong* Guan Xing
Cao Ang* Zhang Zhao* Guan Yinping
Xiahou Mao* Cheng Pu* Fa Zheng
Bianshi* Zu Mao* Liao Hua*
Wang Lang* Zhu Zhi* Shamoke*
Cao Zhang* Sun Lang* Jiang Wan*
Man Chong* Dong Xi* Ma Yunlu*
Jiang Gan* Sun Chen* Jian Yong*
  • represents new characters.

New Characters

Cao Ang- Cao Cao's eldest son. In DW he is quiet and intelligent but modest. His shining moment is when he gave his father his horse so he can escape from Fan Castle. Because of this he couldn't escape and was killed.

Weapon: Long sword

Appearance: Younger Cao Cao with light touches of the facial hair. Wears an elegant white and blueish outfit with its most noticeable trait being his long flowing cape.

Zhang Xiu, I won't allow you to go near my father! - Cao Ang


Xiahou Mao- Xiahou Dun's son. He's famous for being a playboy for his time. His DW reflects that in his flirtatious nature. Unlike his father he doesn't take his job seriously but still loves the field of battle. He serves Wei to the end.

Weapon: Sword and Gauntlet

Appearance: Younger and more handsome version of Xiahou Dun. He wears a similar blue jacket over silver armor.

Father you're trying too hard. I know you know the enemy we're facing are pretty simple minded - Xiahou Mao


Bianshi- Cao Cao's most famous wife and Cao Pi's mother. She's famous for her pacifistic and motherly nature. In DW she intentionally meets Cao Cao and the Yellow Turban Rebellion and decides to follow him. She continues to support her son after Cao Cao's death.

Weapon: Trishulas

Appearance: Similar to her Shin Sangoku Musou Blast appearance but more mature looking.

Aren't you interesting Lord Cao Cao was it? - Bianshi


Wang Lang- Wang Yuanji's grandfather and one of the former rulers on Wujun. His DW counterpart is a warrior who is usually seen as a simple brute. However unbeknownst to most he's actually a great strategist. Despite his intellect he holds prejudice against Wu. Though his lustful love of women often further hides his true intelligence.

Weapon: Hammer

Appearance: An old muscular man covered head to toe in silver armor. Has gray hair and is one of the shorter male characters.

I will do what I can to regain Wujun! - Wang Lang


Cao Zhang- Cao Cao's fourth son. Unlike his brother he's a large and loud man. He is generally nice and not very intelligent. His strength has given him the nickname Yellow Beard. He supports Wei till his end.

Weapon: Gauntlets

Appearance: Friendlier version of DW5 Warrior Lieutenant.

Brother Pi please allow me to lead the march. - Cao Zhang


Man Chong- Strategist of Wei. His DW counterpart has be more of a yes man. He's always seen standing on the right side of someone. He doesn't serve Cao Cao because he's impressed he serves because he wants to examine where his ambition will take him. He rarely talks.

Weapon: Iron Fan

Appearance: Short man with messy black hair. Has an expressionless face and always has tired rings around his eyes. He wheres a white coat with blue accents.

Where will it lead him now... - Man Chong


Jiang Gan- One of Zhou Yu's best friends. In DW he is a mischievous, delusional psychopath. He often screams at his men when they don't listen to his commands. Like his historical counterpart he tries desperately to get Zhou Yu to join Wei.

Weapon: Guillotine Blade

Appearance: A tan skinny man with unsettling eyes. He wears an outfit similar to Zhou Yu except it's blue and has armour on the arms, elbows, and chest. He also wear's a helmet with horns attached.

Lord Zhou Yu? Where...where did you go! - Jiang Gan


Zhang Hong- One of the Two Zhangs. In DW he and Zhang Zhao are two of Sun Quan's most trusted advisers. Unlike most strategist he and his brother are rather humorous and relaxed. He is much more cruel and sadistic compared to his brother. He calls himself the Harbiture of Death. When he dies he gives all his titles to his Zhao.

Weapon: Scythe

Appearance: A tall hansome man with long black hair. He wears a coat that is red with black accents.

All you fools beware. I am Zhang Hong the Harbiture of Death! - Zhang Hong


Zhang Zhao- The younger of the Two Zhangs. In DW he is very similar to his Hong but is far more kind and friendly. He often gives off a child like vibe, but ironically has a tendency to treat Sun Quan like a child. Also like Hong he enjoys annoying Lianshi. He serves Wu to the very end.

Weapon: Thin Sword (DW6)

Appearance: Wears an outfit just like his brother except instead of black he has white accents. Like his brother he has long black hair and a handsome but younger face.

Lord Sun Quan don't tire yourself. - Zhang Zhao


Cheng Pu- An extremely serious and well known Wu officer. His DW counterpart reflects this in his brave and straight forward personality. He doesn't usually socialize and rarely speaks in emotion. He has a friendly rivalry with Han Dang.

Weapon: Anchor

Appearance: Shin Sangoku Musou Blast appearance.

Han Dang will you wipe off that stuid smile. - Cheng Pu


Zu Mao- Sun Jian's best friend. In DW he acts as a grandfather like figure to Sun Jian's children. He follows his friend into battle and is the first person to join his army. Like his historical counterpart he sacrifices himself in order to make sure his friend can escape.

Weapon: Sword of War and Sheath

Appearance: Similar to Zhu Zhi's Shin Sangoku Musou Blast appearance.

My friend you have to escape. Don't worry I'll hold off these rats. - Zu Mao


Zhu Zhi- Zhu Ran's adoptive father. DW depicts him as a very harsh father and never really has any compliments to give his son. He's a harsh a monotone warrior. Like his son he has an obsession fire. He is friends with his fellow Wu elders.

Weapon: Flame Halberd

Appearance: Shin Sangoku Musou Blast Appearance.

Zhu Ran...fight harder! - Zhu Zhi


Sun Lang- One of Sun Jian's sons. Unlike the others he has a different mother and often feels left out. In DW he is shy and quiet. His main contribution is the first sign of proof Wu was becoming more tyrannical due to his unjust execution.

Weapon: Ji (similar to Zhang Liao in DW5)

Appearance: A younger looking version of the DW Hero Lieutenant.

I...I'm the son of the Tiger of Jiangdong! And I will not allow you to bring Wu to further tyranny! - Sun Lang


Dong Xi- A brave and loyal man. DW depicts him as a man who's really well liked and friendly. However he tends to get overly excited and jumpy during a battle. He often has contest between his fellow officers in battle. He is noticeably a giant man.  He serves Wu during Sun Ce and Sun Quan's time.

Weapon: Rod and Shield (DW5)

Appearance: Taller more muscular version of Jiang Qin's Shin Sangoku Musou Blast design.

Hey Zhu Ran, Gan Ning, I bet I can bag more enemies than you two combined. - Dong Xi


Sun Chen- Strategist during Wu's later period. He's known for his cruel and deceptive nature. His DW interpretation reflects that. He abuses his troops and will turn on those who refuse to obey him. Like his historical counterpart he deposes Sun Liang in favor of Sun Xiu. He only fights in Wu's late battles.

Weapon: Dual Sickles

Appearance: He wears black and red armor. His arms are exposed and he has tan skin. His hair is black and spikey. Most of the time he has a cynical smile.

Sun Liang, It has come to my attention you don't deserve your spot as emporer. I will have to ask ou to step down. - Sun Chen


Liao Hua- A former Yellow Turban known for serving Shu from beginning to the end. In DW he is a gruff and strong warrior. Intentionally he's rather nervous around his fellow Shu officers but soon warm up to them. Being a former Yellow Turban he also appears to possess magical abilities. He serves Shu from the beginning up until Jiang Wei's and Zhong Hui's Rebellion where he dies.

Weapon: Dual Double-Sided Lances

Appearance: Younger version of his Shin Sangoku Musou Blast design with brown hair and more armor.

Lord Liu Bei, from this day forward I will serve you. - Liao Hua


Shamoke- A barbarian chief whom Liu Bei defeats early on. His DW incarnation reflects his barbaric history by having him be rather rude and uneducated. He only serves Liu Bei intentionally because he conquered his land. Eventually however he grows attached to Shu. In Yiling he kills Gan Ning but is killed by Zhou Tai soon after.

Weapon: Giant Hammer

Appearance: Similar to his Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI design.

I will serve you but only because you rule my homeland. - Shamoke


Jiang Wan- One of Zhuge Liang's best students. In DW he is a kind and mellow young man with a positive attitude. He's always smiling and refers to everyone including his enemies "my friend". He is loyal and helps Shu in many campaigns. He's also acts as a son to Zhuge Liang and treats Jiang Wei as a brother.

Weapon: Dagger Axe

Appearance: A friendlier looking version of the DW5 Sorcerer bodyguard without the hat.

Calm down my friend. Why must you be filled with such rage? - Jiang Wan


Ma Yunlu- Fictional sister of Ma Chao and wife of Zhao Yun. In DW she starts off serving her father Ma Teng but when he dies she follows her brothers to Liu Zhang and then finally to Liu Bei. There she meets Zhao Yun and sparks a connection. Eventually the two get married. She is very similar to her brother but smarter and less serious.

Weapon: Fork and Shield (DW5)

Appearance: A pretty young women with long white hair ike her brothers. She wears a green top and shorts with silver armor on the outer part.

Brother, Cousin why do we have to serve this Liu Zhang guy? He doesn't seem so "just". - Ma Yunlu


Jian Yong- One of Liu Bei's first generals who grew up in the same home village. In DW he's a childhood friend who joins his friend after hearing about how he helped a peasant village. From this point on he serves Shu till near the end. He's a lazy man who enjoys joking around with his men.

Weapon: Dragon Column (Liu Shan receives the Rapier once again)

Appearance: His Shin Sangoku Musou Blast design.

(Yawn) This Zhang Jiao guy, I'm not sure if everything is screwed correctly up there. - Jian Yong


Chen Tai- A warrior during the SIma's reign famous for always missing the days of Wei's power. His DW appearance has him be an old man who misses the past but understands that he should work for the future. His timid nature gets him insulted often by Zhong Hui. He serves till the rise of the Jin Dynasty.

Weapon: Pickaxe

Appearance: A short older man with a helmet that covers most of his head. He wears silver armor with cloth that's a color closer to that of Wei's. He has gruff black hair and a shaky disposition.

I will always miss Wei...but I most work for a better future. - Chen Tai


Yang Huiyu- Wife of Sima Shi and Yang Hu's sister. In DW she's a beautiful young with a kind and energetic personality apposed to JIn's usual rough characters. She is close with her brother but often ignores his commands. She's intentionally interested in Sima Shi due to his quiet nature and decides to help him in battle. Also being Cai Wenji's niece she loves music.

Weapon: Twin Maces (DW5)

Appearance: A short young woman with a long brown ponytail. She's seen as pretty and wears a cyan dress like top with a black coat over it and white shorts.

Brother...tell me more about Lord Sima Shi. - Yang Huiyu


Yang Hu- Officer during late Wei, Yang Huiyu's older brother, and Du Yu's master. DW depicts him as a middle aged man with a friendly disposition to most. He's really close to his sister and treats Du Yu like a son. Like his historical self when the final battle for Wu starts he refuses to march and lets Du Yu lead the charge due to him not wanting to fight because he has friends in Wu. Like his sister and aunt he loves music. Also it appears Yang Hu is a composite character for both the historic Yang Hu and his older brother Yang Cheng due to the fact despite historically being younger than Yang Huiyu in DW he's older.

Weapon: Lance

Appearance: Similar to Ji Ling's Shin Sangoku Musou Blast design except with a cyan and black color scheme. Also appears older with brown hair.

Du Yu you will be the hero who will the lead the charge bringing the land to peace! - Yang Hu


Du Yu- A young officer during late Wei. In DW he is a loyal and son-like student to Yang Hu. He serves the SIma clan because he feels they are the only ones good enough to rule. Despite his fun loving personality he could be quiet serious at times. He is famous for leading the charge that would end the chaos for a time. Also he has a crush on Yang Huiyu but she's either oblivious or doesn't care.

Weapon: Nunchucks

Appearance: A tall and strong looking young man. He has short black hair and wears an outfit similar to Xu Sheng's Shin Sangoku Musou Blast outfit but with a cyan and white color scheme instead.

Lord Yang Hu are you sure I could finish this? - Du Yu


Pang Hui- Pang De's son who was known for taking his father's brave personality. In DW it reflects that by having him appear to act and look like his father. He's very serious like his father. He was very close to his dad and like his historical self he avenges his father at the Conquest of Chengdu by killing Guan Xing, Guan Suo, and Guan Yinping. He serves the Sima Clan to the end.

Weapon: Hand Mace

Appearance: A younger looking version of Pang De. He wears armor similar to Pang De's DW5 look except it's black.

Children of War stop crying! You're not the only ones who lost someone... - Pang Hui


Wen Hu- Wen Yang's younger brother. In DW Wen Hu is depicted as a fun loving young man opposed to his brother's serious nature. He joins his father in his earlier rebellion and continues to rebel the Sima clan even when his brother joins them. Eventually his brother his brother convinces him to join them. He helps till the end. He and his brother have a love hate relationship and he also has a rivalry with Du Yu.

Weapon: Twin Daggers (DW6)

Appearance: A handsome youngman with hair similar to his brother. Instead of armor he wears a cyan coat over a white shirt and white pants. His most notable thing is his cyan scarf.

Well brother if you need it I guess I'll help you. - Wen Hu


Sima Yan- Sima Zhao and Wang Yuanji's son. DW depicts him as a sheepish young man who fears the standards he must live up to. Eventually however he grows comfortable in his role as leader and soon becomes the first emperor of the Jin Dynasty. He only fights in the later battles.

Weapon: Jian (Fights like Cao Cao, Sun Quan, and Liu Bei from DW5)

Appearance: A handsome youngman with hair similar to his dad's except it's blonde. He's medium height and wears a stratagist like coat with a cyan and white color scheme. When he becomes emperor in the cutscene he wears the same coat except it has gold instead of white and wears the emperor's hat.

Jia Chong. do you think I can live up to my relatives? - Sima Yan


Hua Xiong- Loyal and brave general of Dong Zhao's army. His DW has his loyalty be much ore fanatical. He serves Dong Zhao as a god and is the only one in his forces brave enough to argue with Lu Bu. He dies at Hulao Gate by either Guan Yu or Sun Jian depending on story.

Weapon: Dual Great Swords

Appearance: A burly man with short black hair. He has dark skin and a twisted smile. He wears black and silver armor with a purple hood.

How dare you insult Lord Dong Zhao! God of War. Tiger of Jiangdong I'll shut you up for good! - Hua Xiong


Huche'er- Zhang Xiu's best and most famous general. DW depicts him as a ninja like thief. He isn't very loyal and often moves on from lord to lord until his disappearance. He also take enjoyment in other's pain. Like his historical counterpart it's implied he isn't originally from China.

Weapon: Curved Dagger

Appearance: Similar to his unique design but has a much sleeker figure and longer hair. He wears a full black colored suit.

The great Dian Wei's dead body bows before me (laughs). - Huche'er


King Wutugu- One of the Nanaman chiefs. He's a giant and harsh man with a very stubborn personality. He's the first to resist Meng Huo and the last to except him as king. Like the other Nanman men he hates outsiders and takes him awhile to except Shu.

Weapon: Club and Axe

Appearance: Similar to Meng Huo's DW6 look.

If you want me to bow to you you've got anothing thing coming! - King Wutugu


Yuan Shu- Cruel and calculating younger half brother of Yuan Shao. He's cruel and enjoy's lying to others. He often tricks Yuan Shao, the Wujun leaders, and Sun Ce. He's very controlling and is prone to snapping against those who disobey him. In his death he claims he regrets nothing.

Weapon: Sword Whip

Appearance: A short man who wears a golden and purple cloak that covers most of his body. His face is young and has long brown hair.

Sun Ce, why are you fighting me! You ungrrateful swine I'm pratically your father! - Yuan Shu


Gongsun Zan-A friendly general and Zhao Yun's former lord. In DW he's a friendly and virtuous man at first. He's extremely proud of his army's cavalry known as the White Riders. However over time Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu destroy most of his army and kills his family driving him to depression and eventually suicide.

Weapon: Jockey Whip

Appearance: A tall muscular man with tan skin and a short bead. He wears silver armor and a white coat.

These are the White Riders! The greatest cavalry in the land! - Gongzun Zan


Nyotengu- A unknown demonic woman. She is a guest character from Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. Although she might look beautiful, she has a good side and a bad side. She is annoying and weird, but intelligent. Sometimes, she licks her tongue. She was killed by Lu Bu, but was resurrected by an unknown figure. She fights her way through anyone who gets in her way to get revenge on Lu Bu. She serves for others at the end.

Weapon: Crystal Petal Fan

Shut up, move you, fools! I have to get to Lu Bu! - Nyotengu

Voice Actors

Character English Voice Japanese Voice
Xiahou Dun Kirk Thornton Kazuya Nakai
Dian Wei Beau Billingslea Fumihiko Tacahiki
Zhang Liao Joshua Tomar Hirofumi Tanaka
Cao Cao Douglas Rye Yukimasa Kishino
Xu Zhu Doug Stone Takahiro Yoshimizu
Xiahou Yuan Tony Oliver Yasuhiko Tokuyama
Xu Huang Kyle Hebert Keiichiro Yamamoto
Zhang He Todd Haberkorn Yoshiyuki Kono
Cao Ren Christopher Sabat Hisao Egawa
Cao Pi Doug Erholtz Nobutoshi Canna
Zhenji Wendee Lee Yuko Sumitomo
Pang De Keith Silverstein Masakazu Morita
Cai Wenji Erin Fitzgerald Miku Yoshikawa
Jia Xu Vic Mignogna Mamoru Miyano
Wang Yi Michele Specht Houko Kuwashima
Guo Jia Quinton Flynn Junichi Miyake
Yue Jin Darrel Guilbeau Kentaro Ito
Li Dian Lucien Dodge Kosuke Toriumi
Yu Jin J. Michael Tatum Atsushi Miyauchi
Xun Yu Sam Riegel Takashi Ohara
Cao Ang Steven Blum Jun'ichi Kanemaru
Xiahou Mao Wally Wingert Takehito Koyasu
Bianshi Colleen Clinkenbeard Sanae Kobayashi
Wang Lang Crispin Freeman Unsho Ishizuka
Cao Zhang Dave Wittenberg Isshin Chiba
Man Chong John DeMita Junji Majima
Jiang Gan Liam O'Brien Shin-ichiro Miki
Zhou Yu Michael Sinternklaas Hiro Shimono
Lu Xun Skip Stellrecht Kenji Nojima
Sun Shangxiang G.K. Bowes Emi Uwagawa
Gan Ning Ian Sinclair Shiyoki Kitatani
Sun Jian James Babson Binbin Takaoka
Taishi Ci Matthew Mercer Yugo Takahashi
Lu Meng Daran Norris Kazunari Tanaka
Huang Gai Lee Everest Tetsu Inada
Zhou Tai Travis Willingham Hideo Ishikawa
Ling Tong David Lodge Keisuke Baba
Sun Ce Yuri Lowenthal Kazuhiko Inoue
Sun Quan Gideon Emery Masaya Takatsuka
Xiaoqiao Carrie Savage Iori Nomizu
Daqaio Monica Rial Junko Shimakata
Ding Feng Trevor Devall Osamu Saka
Lianshi Cristina Vee Akemi Kanada
Lu Su Steve Kramer Taiten Kusunoki
Han Dang Chris Edgerly Hideyuki Tanaka
Zhu Ran Ted Sroka Tetsuya Kakihara
Zhang Hong Roger Craig Smith Joji Nakata
Zhang Zhao Sean Schemmel Michihiro Ikemizu
Cheng Pu John Snyder Tomohisa Aso
Zu Mao Nolan North Akio Otsuka
Zhu Zhi David Vincent Mahito Oba
Sun Lang R. Martin Klein Rikiya Koyama
Dong Xi S. Scott Bullock Hayashiya Shozo IX
Sun Chen Troy Baker Nobuyuki Hiyama
Zhao Yun Terrence Stone Masaya Onosaka
Guan Yu Dave B. Mitchell Hideyuki Hori
Zhang Fei Mike Pollock Hirohiko Kakegawa
Zhuge Liang Lex Lang Munehiro Tokita
Liu Bei Dan Woren Moriya Endo
Ma Chao David Beron Koji Haramaki
Huang Zhong Alan Shearman Takaya Kuroda
Wei Yan Paul St. Peter Yasunori Masutani
Guan Ping Bryce Papenbrook Ryohei Nakao
Pang Tong Richard Cansino Takahiro Kawachi
Yueying Laura Bailey Rumi Kaasahara
Jiang Wei Jason Liebrecht Hisayoshi Suganuma
Xingcai Michelle Ruff Junko Noda
Liu Shan Steve Staley Taiki Matsuno
Ma Dai Justin Giddings Koji Tsutani
Guan Suo Spike Spencer Hiroaki Miura
Bao Sanniang Julie Maddalena Ai Nonaka
Xu Shu Brad Swaile Atsushi Kisaichi
Zhang Bao Johnny Yong Bosch Daisuke Sakaguchi
Guan Xing Ben Pronsky Nobunaga Shimazaki
Guan Yinping Stephanie Sheh Shiori Mikami
Fa Zheng Marc Diraison Jun Fukuyama
Liao Hua Ricco Fajardo Tomohisa Hashizume
Shamoke Patrick Seitz Hiroshi Kamiya
Jiang Wan Michael McConnohie Norio Wakamoto
Ma Yunlu Lara Cody Ayako Kawasumi
Jian Yong Grant George Yuichi Nakamura
Sima Yi Dameon Clarke Shinichiro Ohta
Sima Shi Josh Grelle Ryotaro Okiayu
Sima Zhao Kaiji Tang Daisuke Kishio
Deng Ai Matt Lasky Masato Obara
Wang Yuanji Tara Platt Kanae Ito
Zhong Hui Kim Strauss Ichitaro Ai
Zhuge Dan Michael Gough Takuya Kirimoto
Xiahou Ba Brian Beacock Kenji Akabane
Guo Huai Chris Cason Satoru Kamata
Jia Chong Dave Mallow Hiroki Takahashi
Zhang Chunhua Cindy Robinson Masumi Asano
Wen Yang Scott Menville Yuki Ono
Chen Tai Robbie Rist Naoki Bando
Yang Huiyi Dorothy Elias-Fahn Nana Mizuki
Yang Hu J. B. Blanc Sho Hayami
Du Yu Robin Atkin Downes Shinnosuke Tachibana
Pang Hui Andrew Kishino Yuji Ueda
Wen Hu Josh Keaton Yuki Kaji
Sima Yan Christopher Bevins Tessho Genda
Diaochan Melodee Spaveck Rika Komatsu
Lu Bu Jamieson Price Koichi Hashimoto
Dong Zhuo Richard Epcar Yukitoshi Hori
Yuan Shao Christopher Corey Smith Osuma Ryutani
Zhang Jiao Bob Carter Yasuhiko Kawazu
Meng Huo David Rasner Daisuke Miyagawa
Zhurong Jessica Gee Chizu Yonemoto
Zuo Ci Michael Forest Masaharu Sato
Chen Gong Jason Wishnov Hiromu Miyazaki
Lu Lingqui Lauren Landa Hiroko Ushida
Hua Xiong Brian Donovan Shigeru Chiba
Huche'er Kerrigan Mahan Koichi Yamadera
King Wutugu Neil Kaplan Yoji Matsuji
Yuan Shu Derek Stephen Prince Takeshi Kusao
Gongsun Zan Jason Spisak Kappei Yamaguchi
Nyotengu Brina Palencia Akemi Sato


Dynasty Warriors 9 Xtreme Legends

As with most DW games an XL expansion was released. Similarly to DW8 this expansion can be bought with the main game as a Complete Edition, or newly to this is the expansion can be added to the main game as DLC.

The game adds the following characters:

Wei    Wu     Shu      Jin
Cao Hong Lu Kang Zhou Cang Xin Xiangying
Han Hao Zhu Yi Wang Ping
Cheng Yu Zhuge Ke Zhugeshi

Cao Hong- A violent general and cousin of Cao Cao. Often clashes with Cao Ren over differing battle tactics as he would rather charge in opposed to Ren's more defensive approaches to combat. Still, he is extremely loyal to his cousin and in particular has high expectations for Cao Cao's sons. Claims to rival the FIve Tigers despite most thinking very little of him.

Weapon: Two Giant Blades with chain attachments.

Appearance: A giant tan man who reflects his lack of defensive techniques in his outfit, which consists of a light brown tunic with blue accents and wearing no armor.

Damn you Cao Ren, why must you always hold me back? - Cao Hong


Han Hao- A master of traps and loyal Wei officer. He's quite smug and always eager to test his contraptions. Seems to look down on the simpler and to him outdated combat strategies and devices. In DW, he is the inventor of the Pyrocannon which was made to rival Shu's Juggernauts. Also is addicted to gambling and loves making bets over the results and performance of officers during battles.

Weapon: Baton and Dice

Appearance: A skinny middle aged man with a youthful grin. Wears a long gold and blue robe. Has long silver hair and a beard with a small cup like cap on his head.

Men, how long do you think Master Zhao Yun can make it before one of my toys stop him? I'll bet ya anything he won't make it past the swinging axes! - Han Hao


Cheng Yu- Old strategist and one of Cao Cao's most trusted. He sees himself as an authoritative figure and tries to teach the other strategist of Wei. He sees Cao Cao's victory as inevitable and barely treats the officers of Shu and Wu as people let alone an actual threat. Still, he is alert and often takes notes of all those he has encountered.

Weapon: Conductor's Baton

Appearance: An old man wearing what appears to be heavy plate armor. Is extremely tall and has a prominent mustache as he has historically.

This one is tough, I'll be sure to jot down how he seems to prioritize on the battlefield. - Cheng Yu


Lu Kang- Young energetic warrior of late Wu and Lu Xun's son. Clashes with the SIma clan numerous times and appears to be one of the few officers at the time that could actually hold them back. Despite his fight for Wu and speeches about the nation, he is very aware that the country is doomed due to poor leadership. He holds a close friendship with Yang Hu, due to their equal love of history and strategics.

Weapon: Twin Sais

Appearance: Skinny toned young man who dresses in light orange and white cloth. Wears a hat reminiscent of Lu Xun's hat from earlier games.

Wei, if you're going to attack master Sun Hao, then you'll have to get through me! - Lu Kang


Zhu Yi- Young calm warrior of late Wu and Zhu Ran's son. Has very little faith in Wu's current state yet he is far too attached to his family's history to abandon the land. Acts more like his grandfather Zhu Zhi compared to his father and often gives off the impression of depression. Is close friends with Lu Kang and tries to match up to his close friends strength. He dies when Sun Chen executes him during one of Chen's tantrums.

Weapon: Flamethrower Axe

Appearance: Skinny pretty boy with a permanent gloomy expression. His black and red cloak is reminiscent of funeral wear, showing that he mourns for the future of Wu. Occasionally puts on a mask to block out smoke from his weapon.

Lu Kang how are you so happy all of the time? You must teach me your ways... - Zhu Yi


Zhuge Ke- Smug strategist of late Wu and nephew of Zhuge Liang. A simpleton who uses large words and his family in order to try to convince others he's a genius. Extremely prideful and vain despite his lack of any talent in his field. The troops dialogue imply he's only keep in power due to his family name. Often insults the other strategist, especially Zhuge Dan, meaning he truly may not see how unintelligent he truly is.

Weapon: Paper Fan

Appearance: Scrawny young man who wears an almost palette swap version of Zhuge Liang's outfit, that color being red and black instead of white and green. Had a permanent smug smile and comically curly mustache.

The Dog of Wei is no match for me, Dan you bring shame to our family's name - Zhuge Ke


Zhou Cang- The actual DW9's version of him XD. Seriously the actually game of this has screwed this pages relevancy....still hyped though...


Wang Ping- Simple brute and former officer of Wei but later defects to Shu. A strong supporter in the ideas of Shu and becomes one of Lie Bei's most loyal generals. Has some regrets from leaving Wei and often feebly tries to get them to come to Shu. He is an extremely simple man and is clearly confused most of the time during discussions of strategies. This leads him to bond with Wei Yan, a fellow simple Shu officer with similar disregards to strategy.

Weapon: Giant Spiked Club

Appearance: Muscular giant who wears very primal like uniform. Has some blue accents along with his green around the linings of his cloth.

Wei is my home....but Shu is everything I want out of life....I'm sorry - Wang Ping


Zhugeshi- Daughter of Zhuge Liang and Yueying. The likes of Jiang Wei and Jiang Wan often treat her as royalty. Despite being spoiled she remains a humble and curious minds who would like more then anything to live up to her father's (or as she says Papa's) legacy. Her efforts are often ignored in favor of the plans of Jiang Wei and Jiang Wan but she still refuses to stop trying. Cheery, loud, and expresses she contrasts the rest of Shu's strategist greatly.

Weapon: Voodoo Doll and Needles

Appearance: Similar to Shin Sangoku Musou Blast look except shorter and messier with no symmetry in her outfit and random patches of cloth stitched on.

My Papa was a genius, so I'll do all I can to continue what he left behind Master Jiang Wei! - Zhugeshi


Xin Xianying- Studious young girl related to a once powerful family of Wei. Spends most of her time bored and displays odd behaviors such as collecting grass leaves, painting notes on the castle walls, and sleeping upside down. The main reason she is kept around seems to be the rumor that she can predict the future. She manages to predict Zhong Hui's rebellion, Zhu Yi's executions, and even the date of Shu's fall. Her slobbish and lazy behavior makes her close friends with SIma Zhao and is hated by Wang Yuanji whom believes she only encourages Zhao's similar behavior.

Weapon: Crystal Orb

Appearance: A pretty brunette woman with long flowing hair. She sloppily wears a light blue cloak that droops down exposing rather risque armor underneath. Like most DW, her figure is extremely curvy.

C'mon Master Zhao, relax a little more the day is still young and their rebellion will only last 3 more days, we all have some extra time on our hands. - Xin Xianyang


New Modes

Edit Mode - Create up 100 of your own characters using various pieces and color options. The move sets available to give one's creations include all 129 characters weapons along with these 9 extra: Flame Spear, Sword and Crossbow, Rotating Sword (basically a chain saw), Kunai, Twin Spears, Hidden Blades, Erhu, Puppet, Pickaxe, Fu Xi's Sword, and Nu Wa's Rapier.

True Legends - 118 characters (the 10 new warriors and Nyotengu don't receive one) receives a new stage centered around them. These stages are What If scenarios, fictional battles all together, or comedic in nature. After the stage is completed once with the required officer the stage will be repayable with any officer of one's choice.

Musou Mode - New 5 stage story modes starring 10 new characters. The stages and way this mode formatted is very similar to the original story modes of the DW games. However the emphasize on character and turing to what-if's in some tales is more like that of the older SW story modes.

Xtreme Mode - The return DW4XL and DW5XL challenging side adventure. A player selects one officer and attempts to go through as many battles as possible all while collecting gold, bodyguards, and avoiding injury as damage is carried over through stages. An extension added to the DW9 is ginormous open world map of China to explore with various villages where the missions are obtained and the shops are. This mode can be connected online to play along side others making this very similar to the a MMORPG.

War Mode - 1v1 army clashing co-op. Each side chooses 1 officer and 9 allies to clash with each other on any map of their choice. The winner is whoever conquers the other's main camp first or whom has the most kills by the end of whatever the set time limit is. The online version of this mode can further be played up to 1v1v1v1.

New Hero Mode - Play through any kingdom's Story Mode from the perspective of one's Edit character, with bond events with each officer this mode is similar the SW Chronicle games. The sacrifice however is an overall lack of focus on the game's plot and more on the Edit officers relationships with the cast.

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