Dragon fury is a fighting game set in a tournament sponsored by the witch  named  Diva. Earth's last hope lays in the hands of a young african-american/native american vale tudo fighter named Curtis Smith as he fights to defeat both the champion Takashi Ryusaki and his long lost power hungry older brother Kraven.


  1. Curtis Smith (Vale Tudo)
  2. Chan Lee (Dragon Kung Fu)
  3. Takashi Ryusaki (Shrorin Ryu Karate/Wushu hybrid)
  4. Reika Hagiwara (Shotokan Karate)
  5. Yuri  Akashiya (Akido)
  6. GreyBull (Jiu Jitsu/Kenpo/Leopard Kung Fu hybrid)
  7. "Kojo" (Monkey Kung Fu)
  8. Alex Marduck (Muay Thai Kickboxing)
  9. Marcus Ferra (Boxing)
  10. Marcel Dorléac (Wrestling)
  11. "Kage" (Ninjutsu)
  12. Oleg  Lanovoy (Spetsnaz styled Sambo)
  13. Stripe (Tiger Kung Fu)
  14. Arun Sokun (Xing Yi)
  15. Diva (Crane/Leopard Kung Fu)
  16. Kraven Smith (White Lotus Kung Fu)


Coming soon.

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