Dr.Mario X Puzzle Fighter X Sonic Columns is an upcoming puzzle game for Wii U, Wii, 3DS and Arcade being released in 2014

The game is a collaboration between Nintendo, Sega and Capcom featuring characters from Mario, Sonic and Capcom franchises considered part of Mario & Sonic series and Capcom VS. series allowing up to 4 players to play at the same time as well as online functions

Game modes

The game contains 4 main modes, All these modes can be played on Dr.Mario mode, Puzzle Fighter mode, Columns mode and Crossover mode which mixes all 3 games

  • Arcade mode (Battle against different opponents and get the respective ending, 1 player only)
  • Versus mode (Freely battle any opponent you have unlocked, 1 to 4 players)
  • Free mode (Play on a variety of non battle variants, 1 to 4 players)
  • Online mode (Battle opponents around the world, Up to 4 players, 1 player per console)

Arcade mode has 5 difficulty levels

  • Easy (3 stages)
  • Normal (7 stages)
  • Hard (9 stages)
  • Brutal (12 stages, Must be unlocked by completing hard on Dr.Mario, Puzzle Fighter, Columns and Crossover modes)
  • Survival (Infinite stages, Must be unlocked by having all characters including bosses and Mii)

Free mode is split into 4 variants

  • A-type (Endless mode, Play until the playfield is full)
  • B-type (Countdown mode, Clear a number of blocks as fast as possible)
  • C-type (Time Attack mode, Score as many points within 3 minutes)
  • D-type (Score Attack mode, Score as many points using only 100 blocks)

Character list

The game includes 40 different characters from each universe (8 normal + 4 secret + final boss + Mii)

Characters in bold are unlockable characters and characters in italics are final bosses

Dr.Mario Puzzle Fighter Sonic Columns
Dr.Mario Ryu Sonic
Nurse Peach Ken Tails
Dr.Luigi Chun-Li Knuckles
Daisy Morrigan Amy Rose
Yoshi Felicia Silver
Donkey Kong Hsien-Ko Shadow
Wario Jill Valentine Cream
Waluigi Sir Arthur Blaze
Rosalina Phoenix Wright Vector
Toad Frank West Big the Cat
Toadette Viewtiful Joe Rouge
Birdo Strider Hiryu Espio
Bowser M.Bison Dr.Robotnik

Unlocking Conditions

  • Rosalina-Clear Arcade mode Dr.Mario once
  • Toad-Clear Arcade mode Dr.Mario twice
  • Toadette-Clear Arcade mode Dr.Mario 4 times
  • Birdo-Clear Arcade mode Dr.Mario 7 times
  • Phoenix Wright-Clear Arcade mode Puzzle Fighter once
  • Frank West-Clear Arcade mode Puzzle Fighter twice
  • Viewtiful Joe-Clear Arcade mode Puzzle Fighter 4 times
  • Strider Hiryu-Clear Arcade mode Puzzle Fighter 7 times
  • Vector-Clear Arcade mode Sonic Columns once
  • Big the Cat-Clear Arcade mode Sonic Columns twice
  • Rouge-Clear Arcade mode Sonic Columns 4 times
  • Espio-Clear Arcade mode Sonic Columns 7 times
  • Mii-Clear Arcade mode Crossover 5 times


  • Puzzle Fighter roster was modified in order to include modern characters
  • Originally Puzzle League was going to take place of Sonic Columns
  • Columns is based on Sega Master System version
  • Dr.Mario is based on Dr.Mario 64
  • Mii has 3 outfits for each gender (Dr.Mario, Ryu and Sonic for males and Nurse Peach, Chun-Li and Amy for females with their respective favourite colour)
  • Arcade version uses Tatsunoko VS Capcom processor
  • Megaman was changed in favour of Phoenix Wright
  • Capcom characters are now chibified 3D models instead of 2D chibi sprites


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