A sequel for Diddy Kong Racing named Donkey Kong Racing was supposed to be avalable for the Nintendo Gamecube. Unfortunately, game was canceled in 2002 (the same year it was anounced) after Rare went to be Microsoft's first-party company, and Rare lost the Donkey Kong rights. Now the game will never see the light of day, or will it?


Perhaps if Retro studios can revive the Donkey Kong Country series, mabye they can bring the game into the light of day for the WiiU.

Playable Characters

Donkey Kong Series

  • Donkey Kong
  • Diddy Kong
  • Dixie Kong
  • Tiny Kong (Unlokcable)
  • Chunky Kong (Unlockable)
  • Lanky Kong
  • Taj
  • Kiddy Kong
  • Funky Kong (Unlockable)
  • King K. Rool
  • Tiki (Unlockable)
  • Cranky Kong (Unlockable)

Other Nintendo Characters

  • Kirby
  • Metaknight (Unlockable)
  • Magalor (Unlockable)
  • Toon Link (Unlockable)
  • Toon Zelda (Unlockable)

Animal Buddies

  • Expresso the Ostrich
  • Squak the Parrot
  • Rambi the Rhino
  • Squirtter the Spider
  • Enguarade the Swordfish
  • Rattly the Ratlesnake (Unlockable)
  • Clapper the Seal (Unlockable)
  • Glimmer the Angelfish (Unlockable)
  • Orco the Orca
  • Helibird
  • Flurl the Flying Squirel
  • Hoover the Wildebeast (Unlockable)

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