Digital Electronics Computer Association
DECA 2nd release
Type Besloten Vennootschap
Founded 2013
Headquarters Rotterdam, Netherlands
Key people Alec Verdoorn
Industry Multi-media corporation
Products Video Games

Application software

Digital Electronics Computer Association, commonly known and referred as DECA, is a videogame industry and also expending to the movie industry. It originates from dutch and american software developers and the main founder is Alec Verdoorn, who founded it in 2013. 


In 2013, multiple software designers had contact with each other about a corporation between them after the american designers didn't have enough budget and men to start developing products. After Alec Verdoorn made and signed a contract, DECA was created. In the contract were also the rights of the Wartech engine enlisted, giving the rights to all members of DECA, instead of certain creators of the engine. 


DECA began designing video games in 2013, starting with supporting the Call of Duty-franchise. However, the group was only limited and mainly designers of Treyarch, Crytek and Ubisoft worked on the project, giving DECA only a supporting role. DECA's first alone game entered the market in 2015, with the release of Afterlife. Before that, DECA only supported the main developers instead of designing it themselfs. In 2016, DECA signed a contract, giving them rights to shoot movies in certain areas. In the meantime, DECA has expended with multiple studios and subsidiaries.


Game studios

  • DECA The Hague
  • DECA Paris
  • DECA San Diego
  • DECA Vancouver
  • DECA London


  • DECA Los Angeles - Film studios
  • DECA Cambridge - software and applications



Video games









  • Wartech engine - Videogame engine for DECA licensed games
  • Digilog DECA online - Digital distributions service for online statistics

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