Destinies Tied: The Four Elements is a game focusing of the four classic elements. Earth, Wind, Water and Fire, as the name suggests.


A young boy is seen playing in a park happily on a bright, beautiful day. Soon dark clouds overlap the brighter ones, and it starts to rain. A jolt of lighning strikes where the young boy is standing, but the boy jumps out of the way. "Nothing can defeat a ninja, ha ha ha... WHAT ABOUT ME!?" The young boy jumps out of bed. He thinks 'It was just a dream.' As he gets up and goes downstair his mother asks him "Are you going to Master Clao's (Pronounced Clay-Oh) training?" "Yes mum." He replies. He exits the house and walks towards and old wooden storage house and sees a blackish-purplish cloud coming towards the village. Inside the old house is a ninja training dojo. An old, dull looking man wearing a straw hat steps out from the shadows. "Hello Sensei Clao." The old man looks at the boy. "Go slash the punching bag with the sword next to it. This is the first part you use the Wii/Kinect controls. (NOTE: You can change between left & right handed controls.) With the Wii remote in your right hand, move your remote in any direction, but starting from the top and going down or right to left and vice versa. The Kinect is the same but you use your hand. After you hit the bag 5 times the Sensei tells you to walk towards the bullseye target, which is to your right. On the Wii you use the Nunchuk, of the Kinect you have to turn right and make stepping actions, the same goes for the left. he also tells you to move backwards. For the Kinect you have to put your hands behind you, at the same height as your hips. The Sensei then tells you to throw Shurikens at the bullseye. You use your left hand (Right hand if you're left handed.) with the Nunchuk and move the Nunchuk like you would with the remote to throw a Shuriken. It lands where the center of the screen is, so, hopefully, the target is the target. "You many have as many Shurikens as you wish here, but you shall be restricted in real battle." To Be Continued... DO NOT EDIT... But you can add a picture.

First Battle

The Sensei walks outside and you follow. The dark clouds start to cast rain on the residents of the village. You see a large black rain drop land on the ground and it turns into a shillouette of a short man. The Sensei runs up to the strange figure and jabs it with his staff. The figures arm falls off. "You can only defeat Shadow Creatures by destroying its arms and legs."

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