Deadpool is an Action-Adventure title published by Ubisoft and Marvel, and developed by Grasshopper, notable
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for creating hits such as killer7 and No More Heroes. It stars the eponymous protagonist, Deadpool, with a "merc for a mouth" and on a killing spree. Deadpool is available for the Playstation 3, Nintendo 3DS, and GigaCom.


Deadpool is a freelance killer who wears a suit and mask that protects his horribly disfigured face. Many heroes and villains have found him annoying for his crude humor and arrogant ways. Because he's a freelance killer, Deadpool takes up any job that relates to what he does personally, but nonetheless, ke keeps slacking off due to his mouthy habit. What a loser!

One fateful evening, Deadpool was back at his home reading an issue of WWE Magazine when a wise cleric showed up out of nowhere, warning our savage star about an evil demon who is killing off the universe. Deadpool reluctantly accepts and gets outside only to encounter citizens becoming these sorts of monsters: vampires, zombies, aliens, you name it! Overall, Deadpool was pretty excited to actually get back to doin' what the psycho does best: killing!


  • Deadpool (Nolan North): Hero
  • Blackheart (David Sobolov): Main antagonist/Final Boss
  • Wolverine (Steven Blum): NPC
  • Hulk (Fred Tatasciore): NPC
  • Rogue (Kieren van den Blink): NPC
  • Iron Man (Eric Loomis): NPC
  • Captain America (Brian Bloom): NPC
  • Hawkeye (Chris Cox): Boss 1st
  • Sabretooth (Mark Acheson): Boss 2nd
  • Abomination (Robin Atkin Dowes): Boss 3rd
  • Doctor Strange (Bryce Johnson): Boss 4th
  • Iron Fist (Loren Lester): NPC
  • X-23 (Tara Strong): NPC
  • Spider-Man (Josh Keaton): NPC
  • Dormammu (Michael T. Weiss): Boss 5th
  • Rocket Raccoon: cameo
  • Silver Surfer: cameo
  • Cyclops (Nolan North): NPC
  • Apocalypse (Richard McGonagle): Boss 6th
  • Jubilee (Alyson Court): NPC
  • Mojo (Charlie Adler): Boss 7th
  • Daredevil (Brian Bloom): NPC
  • Kingpin (Gregg Berger): Boss 8th
  • Nick Fury (Alex Desert): NPC
  • Silver Samurai (Keone Young): Boss 9th
  • Howard the Duck (Dee Bradley Baker): NPC
  • Nova: cameo
  • Shuma Gorath (Paul Dobson): Boss 10th

Other Information

  • Rating: ESRB - Mature; PEGI - 16
  • Platform: 1-4 Player Action-adventure (accessible online through Playstation Network, GigaStream, or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection)
  • Game influences: Dynasty Warriors (hack-n-slash element), Final Fight (beat 'em up element), God of War (Action-adventure element; primary)

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