Dead for a Day is the second quest in The Elder Scrolls: Endora. After being unconscious for two days, the Hero is presumed dead and is put on a waggon with the dead to be cremated.


The Hero's vision is hazy and blurred as the Hero begins to wake up. Two distorted voices are heard in the backgorund, their voices get more clear as time goes by. The Hero finally comes to his senses and yells in fright which startles the drivers of the waggon. The waggon stops and one of the drivers comes to check on the bodies, she sees the Hero and tells the other driver that they have a live one. The driver tells her to knock the Hero out and she does. Sometime later the Hero wakes up in an unknown house, the Hero tries to move but can't due to the injuries sustained from the invasion and not eating anything for two days. The female driver comes up to you with food and something to drink, she apologies for knocking the Hero out and tells the Hero she had to or the Covenant would kill her, her brother and the Hero. After a full nights rest and healing spell conjured by the female driver, the Hero is sent on a quest to

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