Dead Zone (デッドゾーンDeddozōn), known on the GigaCom version as Dead Zone DX (デッドゾーンデラックスDeddozōnderakkusu), is an "action-adventure beat 'em up/third-person shooting" game by AccelGames.


As part of a project called "EX", "Evolution Xperimentation", a scientist called Max volunteers to take part along with a wolf and a lizard. As the other scientist flips the switch all 3 fused and then warped to another dimension. The hybrid splits into 2: the one with the futuristic characteristics and the other one wrapped up with a huge, gloved left hand. They then go their seperate ways while the scientists back at the lab moniters their every moment.

It actually turns out that the main dimension, which the scientists are on, is about to disrupt and, unless they find the solution to the problem of the situation in the other dimensions, their dimension and everyone in it will cease to exist!




  • Max - The main protagonist and scientist. In his human life he was a drunk and would often think about his ex-girlfriend when doing...private things in his bedroom. He is roommates with his best friend, Davis.
    • Malcome - The main protagonist and the first of the splitted-hybrid result. He has a futuristic design along with a huge sword which can transform into a variety of weaponry. His Feral Form is an anthropomorphic dragon, which is the evolutionised result of a lizard with a human.
    • Xavier - The main protagonist and the second of the splitted-hybrid result. He has a wrapped-up design with guns on either of his belt and a huge, gloved left hand which holds dark capabilities. His Feral Form is a werewolf, which is the evolutionised result of a wolf with a human.


Transformation Gauge

The Transformation Gauge, or T-Gauge for short, is a powerful transformation method which can give the player's character new form.

The first level allows the player's character to transform into his Feral Form. It enhances the player with ability bonuses (depending on the character being played as) and boosts strength, defense, and mostly speed:

  • Malcome - It allows him to transform into an anthropomorphic dragon which can enable him the ability to fly and use elemental breathing attacks.
  • Xavier - It allows him to transform into a werewolf (wrapped in bandages) which can enable him to dash on slippery and fast-moving platforms and use dark-based attacks.

Game Modes

  • Start Game
  • Competition
  • Online Match
  • Options

Other Info

  • Platforms: Nintendo 3DS, GigaCom
  • Developed: AccelGames
  • Published: AccelGames
  • Content Ratings: ESRB - T/M, CERO - D/Z, PEGI - 16


  • There's actually a drunken sex scene between Malcome and Xavier in their Feral Forms in the GigaCom version.

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