Dawn of the Dinosaurs (also known as恐竜の夜明け in Japan) is a fighting game of dinosaurs, following the same style as Combat of Giant - Dinosaur Strike. It is developed by Ubisoft and published by SEGA for the platform systems of PlayStation 3, XBox360 and Nintendo Wii.

Game modes

  • Domination: the classic arcade mode; completing it with a normal dinosaur the player will unlock the second of the same team, and completing another time with the unlocked dinosaur of the same team the player will take the code to unlock the third dinosaur of the team.
  • Tug of war: the classic survival mode with unlimited opponents
  • Versus: the classic versus mode
  • Tournament: a tournament with 4, 8, 12 or 16 dinosaurs.
  • Cheat mode: insert the cheat to unlock the third-team dinosaurs.
  • Options
  • Gallery


Playable dinosaurs
Team Playable Unlockable by Conquest Unlockable with cheats
A Tyrannosaurus Carcharodontosaurus Allosaurus
B Triceratops Styracosaurus Pachyrhinosaurus
C Brachiosaurus Shunosaurus Saltasaurus
D Velociraptor Utahraptor Deinonychus
E Oviraptor Suchomimus Dilophosaurus
F Stegosaurus Kentrosaurus Dacentrurus
G Ankilosaurus Edmontonia Euoplocephalus
H Spinosaurus Baryonyx Troodon
I Carnotaurus Ceratosaurus Cryolophosaurus
J Diplodocus Apatosaurus Sauroposeidon
K Archelousaurus Einiosaurus Megalosaurus
L Albertosaurus Gigantosaurus Yangchuanosaurus

Special characters

Each time the player completes conquest mode, he will have a chance to select the unlockable character among these:

  • Tyrannosaurus (fossil)
  • Triceratops (fossil)
  • Brachiosaurus (fossil)
  • Velociraptor (fossil)
  • Oviraptor (fossil)
  • Stegosaurus (fossil)
  • Ankilosaurus (fossil)
  • Spinosaurus (fossil)
  • Carnotaurus (fossil)
  • Diplodocus (fossil)
  • Archeolousaurus (fossil)
  • Albertosaurus (fossil)
  • Mokele- Mbembe (secret character, unlockable only defeating 100 opponents in Tug of War)


  • Naxocertops: Ceratopsian first boss, unlockable by completing conquest mod with ceratopsians.
  • Cassosaurus: Ankylosaur first boss, unlockable by completing conquest mode with ankylosaurs.
  • Gogoraptor: Raptor boss, first unlockable by completing conquest mode with raptors.
  • Hilerosaurus: Stegosaur boss first, unlockable by completing conquest mode with stegosaurs.
  • Bicasaurus: Sauropod boss first, unlockable by completing conquest mode with sauropods.
  • Notusaurus: Therapod boss first, unlockable by completing conquest mode with any predators like Allosaurus. 
  • Archosaurus: Therapod boss first, unlockable by completing conquest mode with any predators like Tyrannosaurus.
  • Siamosaurus: Second boss, unplayable.
  • Protoceratops: Third boss, unplayable.
  • Cetiosaurus: Fourth boss, unplayable.
  • Eustrepospondolus: Fith boss, unplayable.
  • Lexovisaurus: Sixth boss, unplayable.
  • Saichania: Seventh boss, unplayable.
  • Chasmosaurus: Eighth boss, unplayable.
  • Daspletosaurus: Ninth boss, unplayable.
  • Torosaurus: Tenth boss, unplayable.
  • Acrocanthosaurus: Elethenth boss, unplayable.
  • Vastosaurus Rex: Final boss, unplayable, unlocks boss battles.